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Give yourself a little surprise

2021-08-31 03:18:46 Life journey

Whenever I encounter something bad , Will pay attention to whether there are any small surprises in recent life , Will deliberately guide themselves , Make yourself believe that there will be 『 A blessing in disguise 』 What happened to . In fact, many times people need appropriate self deception to maintain a good mood , If you're not happy now , Think of it as storing up strength for tomorrow's good luck !

I bought a carpet today , I'm going to transform the balcony into my little book house . Bought a new electric pressure cooker , I'm going to cook well , Try homemade yogurt . The electric steamer has arrived , Breakfast can be well arranged . These are the little things I want to do , I feel good and look forward to it .

The weight hasn't changed in a week , Looking in the mirror, I found my face round again , But I decided not to go on a diet , Because it's too easy to rebound , But you still have to control your appetite at night .

Starting today, I plan to keep Organize all the sports collected on the , If the intensity is not good, the repeated ones have been deleted , I think Pamela's training is still intense .

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