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2021-08-31 03:38:33 Photography

My two little babies , A Yorkshire dog —— Aisha ; A German cat —— didi . When Aisha was one year old , My niece bought it for me .

My niece was checked from Beijing airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport by China Southern Airlines . My family and I drove to the airport , Took Asha home .

And didi was a year later than Aisha , When I was half a year old, I was sent to the passenger station by my master , I came to Hangzhou by bus from Shanghai , I went to meet it again .

Didi's new home is not as lively and lovely as Aisha . Like to be alone in the corner , Erect ears as long as a transmitting antenna , Stare at the thief's big eyes . It seems that the brain is particularly flexible , He kept peeping into all directions . When you see an adverse situation happening , Play it by ear , Like a brave and resourceful Alien .

Aisha is nosy , When I first saw didi , Just “ Wang Wang !” Call straight , Hurry didi to get out of this house !

Didi's not afraid of nosy guys , Jump down with a miso , To Asha's face , Bow left and right —— PA is two claw palms :“ The master asked me to drop , It's none of your business , Get out of here !”

Aisha was very unconvinced and was slapped by didi , Always thinking about waiting for an opportunity to retaliate , Reclaim justice .

unfortunately , One morning Aisha was eating a bone , Didi was curious about the dog's food , He jumped off the high legged wopan , Swaggered to Asha's job . assume :“ I didn't beat you for nothing , Why don't you tell me to go away these two days ? Stand aside , Let me Lao Di see what you're eating. It's so sweet ?”

Didi just wanted to stretch out his head , Asha sent out “ Well, —— Well, !” The warning sound ,“ Get out of here ! Or I'll be rude to you !”

Didi doesn't care , Or put your mouth into the bowl . I saw Asha turn around “ Wow !” Bite Didi's tail , It hurts didi “ Mi —— oooo !” He broke free and jumped onto the platform . Standing on the high platform, watching Aisha's beautiful meal . assume “ rats ! Too cruel , See how I get rid of you .”

Next , As soon as didi finds Asha lying there , Jump over, no matter three, seven, twenty-one , It's just a meal “ cuff and kick ”, Hit Asha and ran away quickly , Hide under the bed or jump into my arms and dare not go down .

See this situation , I began to reconcile . Every night while watching TV , Hold didi in your left hand , Put your right hand around Asha , Sometimes it's cold , Didi still wants to slap Sasha .

“ You two are not allowed to do this in the future , Live in harmony , Cherish their short life time . You have to fight like this every day , I don't want to raise any . ”

After more than two months of persuasion and mediation , They are very obedient , Whether I'm at home or not , It never happened again “ Bite and kill ”.

They just see me sitting on the sofa watching TV at night , Will arrive as promised , Didi walked over without saying a word and lay on my left , Aisha took the initiative to climb onto the sofa and squat on my right , Watch TV with me .

Whenever didi sees its kind on TV , Quickly jumped off the sofa and went under the TV screen , Stand up and scratch the lower edge of the TV with your claws . Then go back to your seat and get down .

And Aisha is slightly better than didi , Every time I see or hear similar audio and video on TV , Get carried away with excitement , Roll and fall off the sofa , Run to the TV and face the screen “ Wang —— Wang Wang !” Keep shouting , Then turn around , Pull the corners of my pants with my mouth and pull forward to the TV .

Watching didi and Aisha grow more sensible day by day , I'm really happy ! From now on , Aisha allowed didi to eat and drink in the same bowl , Never bit didi again . And didi was generous , Whenever Aisha competes with it for cat food , It will take the initiative to get out of the way ,“ You can eat whatever you like !”

Sometimes the two of them have fun , And a kiss ! Really become an alternative family . Aisha is three years old this year . Didi is one and a half years old , Under my meticulous care , They are all healthy . Whenever I don't see you for a while , Might as well make me think a little flustered . Once I get home and enter the door , The two guys ran up together and shouted “ Say hello to you. ” the , Surround me and sell cute Turn around . They have become my amusing toys , It also makes me feel “ Animal relations ” With deeper thinking ……

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