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Do what you want to do as much as you can

2021-08-31 04:54:45 Life journey

Quarrels and disputes occur from time to time , Don't think you will be in absolute safety , The more you expose your information , The more likely you are to fall into an unsafe situation , People alive , Be vigilant , More secure .

Long neglected , It seems that I have tacitly accepted this situation , Ordinary people carry the cold wind in the wilderness , Knowing that a storm might come , But I can't get out of this wilderness , I didn't notice myself , It's useless to call for help , I want to keep more warm memories , The luster in the eyes is rapidly losing , A wilderness scene .

When I stand like an object somewhere , I watched myself , It seems that the world outside me has disappeared .

Why are there some moments when the eyes are low and show inferiority ? I want to avoid such moments in my life , But my wishes are always broken by others .

Proceed with caution , Because you don't know how much harm your words and actions will do to others . occasionally , Alone , Give yourself time to think about what happened to you , Think of a lot of things that you don't like , Others must not like , So keep the rules as much as possible , Don't want to get any benefits from others , Do your own thing , Do what you want to do as much as you can , Instead of asking others to help . I think too much about what I can achieve by relying on others , Unfortunately, it can't be achieved because others are unreliable , I have no executive power alone .

Climb with the help of others , It may also be pulled down by others , Life on high will always stay on high , At this time, in addition to the vanishing clouds, what I looked at at at the bottom was the effort I used to climb .

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