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I want to use words to record the traces of serious life

2021-08-31 05:21:40 Life journey

In this vast world , In the vast space and time , We are just a drop in the ocean of the times , Live in this world like mole ants . Looking back on all these years of displacement , To stumble , There are too many emotions to express .

My personal experience , The story of family relatives . Backlog in the heart for too long , I really want to express it in words , I have a lot to say about the world , This is the main reason why I embarked on the road of writing .

Look at our sisters and our family , Are the kind of people who are very serious and hard to live . Although in the whole society , Are very ordinary members , There is no bright place , But in my eyes, I just want to record , My book 《 On the way to dream , Make the soul yellow 》 It says my cousin , My uncle and others .

2016 year 6 month , The day I registered the official account , I gradually embarked on the road of writing , I didn't have any writing foundation before . All I have is life experience and all kinds of misfortunes and hardships in life , Poverty and frustration .

Our sister experienced the premature death of her parents , Experienced the heat of the world , The warmth of human feelings . All kinds of heartache here , Don't want to recall too much .

Once I went back to my hometown to do Qingming , Our sisters take a taxi together , Asked the little sister , Go to mom's grave or dad's grave first ? Or uncle's grave ?

I immediately patted my little sister and whispered , Keep your voice down , The driver looks over fifty , People call back to their mother's house for dinner ! People will think we are so pathetic ?

My grandmother said , Your sisters committed too many sins in their previous lives . This life is doomed to bear hardships and blows too early . In Buddhist terms , This is caused by the cumulative cause and effect of previous lives .

A well-known writer answered netizens' questions on Weibo , Some netizens say they have experienced multiple misfortunes in the past three years . The writer comforted her ,“ Individual misfortune , We should learn to look at it from the height of the universe .

Yeah ! Otherwise, how do we spend the hard time in life .

I know the Great China , In some poor mountainous areas , There are many people like us who have experienced misfortune too early . I was lucky enough to be a writer , This is the love of fate .

I write down 《 Green train in memory 》《 At the age of , I accompany my mother to pay public food 》《 Vegetable selling record , Those memories 》 Many readers say the same 《 Selling rice 》 As touching .

I wrote about my life in a factory assembly line , I also wrote that I went to prison and reform through labor with my colleagues fan Working together , Some of my colleagues and I are garment inspectors sent by the factory . At the peak of the year in the factory 24 Home processing plant . Fuzhou prison yu It is also one of the branches . The article was reprinted by many official account numbers. .

These life experiences are unique . It is inexhaustible to me , An inexhaustible source of material . For the author, what he has expressed is the past tense .

I was born in Tongcheng City, Anhui Province , There have been many literary masters here . Tongcheng is known as “ Wendu ”, There was a saying in the Qing Dynasty :“ All articles in the world come from Tongcheng ”.

I always thought I could be born in “ Tongcheng ” Proud of the city , Although not many people in Tongcheng know me .

When I was a child , I remember my uncle and some people in the village like to practice calligraphy on the wall with black charcoal , Compare each other. Who writes better ; Then I worked part-time in my cousin's factory , He has a lot of books , My cousin is a high school student in our village , Very talented , I like to secretly imitate the handwriting on his account book .

Although the overall cultural level of the people around us is not high , Faxiao and I are the first female compatriots in the village to enter the gate of junior middle school . Before that , None of my older female compatriots entered junior high school , It's good to finish primary school .

Maybe it is “ Wendu ” The details of the city , Even if we don't get much exam oriented education in school , But it doesn't affect people's love of literary things , I like to be sentimental , I like reciting good words and sentences .

Time flies , I 30 After years old, he embarked on the road of writing , I record my childhood in words , My family , My youth , My perception of life , Thoughts on life and the world .

Everyone has his life track . I seem to have realized their dreams instead of many people .

2019 year , After my book was published , We Tongcheng, Anhui 《 Liuchi Lane 》 The official account has an interview with my article. , The reading volume of that article reached four or five thousand in a few hours .

I didn't use my real name , I always think my real name is too ugly , Both rustic and tacky , There's another reason , I seem to want to forget my past , That tired self . Or inner inferiority !

I seem to be after writing , The road of development is becoming more and more smooth , Let me see the infinite possibilities , Even the body is getting better and better . I don't want to use my old name again , The book in hand is being published , I insist on a pseudonym “ Qi fan Qi ”.

Even the local official account of that year has my articles. , Few of my former classmates remember me , I used to be the least existential person in my class . My own photos have changed a lot , And use a pseudonym , They don't expect to link the two .

Borges once said ,“ I don't know what heaven looks like , If any , I think , It should look like a library .”

I think I can read and write at ease every day , Doing what you like most is the best look of life . I hope I can be a better myself for the rest of my life , No need to rely on whose light .

My little sister 15 Drop out at , Took to the society , Make a living entirely on your own , It didn't cost me and my second sister a penny .

Just finished school that year , How many teachers are there in their class , Many other students feel sorry for her . After all, there are few dropouts at her age , How many are there in the whole grade . Even if some don't go to high school , Or go to technical secondary school , Or repeat .

After school , My younger sister worked as a waiter in Anqing and Hefei hotels for several months .( My cousin works in Hefei , Aunt and uncle are in Anqing .)

In the second year , Little sister went to the garment factory where I stayed in Fujian to do the edge binding process ( Lock the edge ), Then I went to Zhejiang Shengzhou garment factory for a year or two , Wages in that factory are higher than those in Fujian , She works with sharp hands and feet , The salary is high among colleagues .

2008 year , She went to a Japanese restaurant in Shanghai as a waiter , One day off per week , She reads a lot of magazines in her spare time , Reading a book , Learn Japanese , Get up early every day and recite words , Until you can speak fluent Japanese .

After working as a waiter for more than two years, my younger sister entered a Japanese enterprise to do administrative work , Become white-collar workers in high-rise buildings .

At the same time, she studies office software in the training class after work , And learning English systematically in Shanghai new century foreign language school , Get the national recognized Japanese Level 2 . later , She signed up for the undergraduate examination by stages and so on .

I think the people around me are very storytelling , Topical , Natural good writing material .

There is no road in life for nothing ! My little sister has worked in Hefei law firm in recent years , She wants to take the judicial examination , You must have a bachelor's degree certificate , And national regulations must have 2018 Only the self-examination certificate years ago is eligible to participate in , because 2018 There is no gold content in the self-taught undergraduate examination after two years .

My little sister is lucky to be here 2015 In, I got my undergraduate diploma from the self-examination , At that time, the self-study examination was a matter of fact , I have to go to school every weekend , Get up early and stay up late every day , Look at stacks of information books .

In those years , She's not studying, she's on her way to study , Work and live against the clock every day , And her peers are enjoying campus life carefree .

When I write these experiences, it's just an article or a few paragraphs , It seems that the clouds are light and the wind is light . While making a living , Work on one side , Learn at the same time , How much bitterness only those with similar experience know best . Children without umbrellas can only choose to run desperately .

Her current law firm is among the top in Anhui 10 Firm , Now her colleagues are basically 985,211 Master and doctor in . She sometimes tells me , Elder sister , You don't know many of my colleagues 50 s , They are all LLMS from well-known schools , The gap? ! Poor foundation for generations ……

Qi Meiqi, the second younger sister, has also successfully found an office job this year . she 11 I didn't take any classes in the year , Take care of two children , Only amateur photography and food , Her education is only the third day of junior high school .

She can be a white-collar worker in the company , She is extremely satisfied and happy , There are stars in your eyes , Have a weekend , There's social security .

What's amazing is the second sister's work , My little sister found it for her on the Internet in Hefei , My little sister called to encourage her to apply for a job , She was told to be confident , What a coincidence it's your neighborhood .

Originally, the second sister wanted to be a nursery teacher , Housekeeping or something . Now the company is only three or four minutes' walk from Er Mei's house . She began two rounds of interviews , The director asked her to wait at home for another half a month , The second sister thought it was over .

During that time she used the jitter learning method to make forms tiktok at home , Computer software operation . I said, , Are you learning and selling now !

I didn't expect that she later received a phone call telling her to go to work , She was so happy that she wanted to fly . Is there a law of attraction in nature ! The second sister is really a very satisfied person , A little thing can be happy for a long time .

For others , What's so strange about being a white-collar worker ! I didn't see !

But she was happy for months , She was in the group yesterday , In the past, I saw someone walking through the office building with folders on TV . How cool , How wonderful ! I didn't expect to be what I once wanted to be .

She also took a picture of a document on her desk . Our sisters share and chat in the group every day , My little sister and I are happy for her , Cheer her on .

Second sister said “ I didn't know how to use a computer before , I'm not young , I can still be a white-collar worker in my life , So and so in his hometown also went to high school , She is still afraid to find a job with social security , It's still in the factory , It's a pity that the …… I want to study hard , Cherish your present work , I have to apply for the second grade constructor , This has more prospects for development .”

Second sister is very good at cooking food and photography , She is a Virgo , What to do is very meticulous and perfect , Once in the garment factory, the clothes she made were praised by the leaders , Flat and clean , Less thread , It looks comfortable and tidy .

The second younger sister made western style cakes for her colleagues last time , Several colleagues all print pictures and send them to the circle of friends to praise her for her beautiful and delicious cooking .

Now she has a formal job , Overall, it is also relatively leisurely , Working hours are about six or seven hours a day , There is also a working meal at noon , The food was very good . Four or five thousand yuan a month , Large room for rise , Some of her colleagues can get more than 10000 yuan .

I said with a smile , This is better than cousin civil servants ! My cousin often works overtime on holidays . I said, , If your salary continues to rise next year , This is called money, more things, less things, closer to home !

The second sister is lucky , At the beginning of the interview, the company said it was guaranteed 1800 element , Pay social security after three-month probation period , She has no dislike , She would be very satisfied if she could enter . She stressed again and again : I am from this community , Only one building apart , I will work hard for a long time .

It may be that it's not easy to find someone with high education in a small county . After the second sister went to work in the company , At first, I sorted out a lot of data , Do chores , In a month or two , Colleagues can't finish the bidding document , The company arranged for her , She also humbly asked her colleagues for advice and learning , Bid Commission 50 element 150 Unequal , Sometimes you can do several in a day .

There are commercial bids in this industry , Technical proposal , It won't go out of style when you get old , Income will only get higher and higher . Little sister's lawyer industry , My writing industry is not a youth meal .

As you grow older , If many things are not recorded in time , After a long time, it will be absorbed by the heart . I want to write down the traces of my life with my sister's family , And some important things in life .

I believe that words will be different with different ages , People in different time and space meet , So it has a meaning of immortality .

We are all at the bottom of society , Try your best to live optimistically . Don't complain about fate , Don't dwell on the past . Born in the sun , Walk towards the light ; Be sincere and generous , Smile to warm life .

Even if God gave the worst card , We still have to try to play it well .“ Life kisses me with pain , I want to sing back .”

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