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A little girl without a mask

2021-08-31 05:21:48 Life journey


Waiting at the bus stop , A heavy rain suddenly fell .

The crowd took shelter from the rain on the platform , People who can't squeeze in can only stand on the side in the rain . One in a white shirt 、 Plaid skirt 、 The little girl who looks like a high school student is particularly eye-catching , She held her schoolbag high above her head , His hair hung wet on his shoulders , The mouth keeps shouting :“ Ah , Why is it raining again ”……

Fortunately, the car came soon , Everyone gets on the bus one after another . Due to epidemic control requirements , Wear masks when taking transportation , Everyone who gets on the bus , Men, women, young and old wear masks . Everyone lined up , Open the health code first in an orderly way , Then swipe the bus card or show your monthly ticket .

The little girl was the last to get on the bus , With a schoolbag in one hand , Holding the phone in one hand , But without a mask . Said the driver :“ The little girl , Put on your mask “. The girl is silent , Just turn on the phone , Show the driver the health code , Then I switched the interface , Brush the bus code , I didn't mean to wear a mask at all .

The driver watched her finish this silently , Then he reminded me again :“ The little girl , Put on the mask ”. after one's words , Just keep turning your head and looking at her .

This is the time , The whole car was watching the little girl , Because we all know , She doesn't wear a mask , The driver can't drive away .

The little girl may feel everyone's eyes on her , She suddenly said angrily :“ Wear a mask 、 Wear a mask , Do you have to wear a mask when it rains ”?

The driver was obviously startled , He probably didn't expect a little girl to have such a temper . But he replied politely :“ Rain doesn't affect wearing masks ”.

This is the time , The little girl seemed even more annoyed , Said indignantly :“ It's raining so hard , And let me wear a mask , If I get wet , What to do when you are ill “?

The driver looked at her , No words . The uncle and aunt in the car can't see it anymore , One after another said :“ It's the government's policy to wear masks , The driver didn't ask you to wear it “!

“ Yeah , There are rules on it that people should implement , Don't embarrass the driver “!

“ The little girl , You'd better put it on , What does this mask have to do with whether it rains or not “!


The little girl is in the clouds , Finally, slowly move your hand to the zipper of the schoolbag , Slowly take out a mask and put it on . The driver just started the car , Drive ahead . however , After wearing the mask, the little girl didn't find a seat to sit down , Still standing behind the driver with his back to everyone , I'd rather stand staggering with the traffic . I thought she knew she was wrong , Sorry to face the crowd . At least then others can't see her face .

But it turns out I was wrong . When the vehicle slowly stops at the next stop , I heard the little girl approaching and roaring :“ Don't think of others , Wear masks all day and night , It's raining so hard , Should I wear a mask, too ”? Voice has just fallen. , As the vehicle brakes , She stumbled , Almost fell down .

It turned out that the little girl stood behind the driver to vent her anger , She yelled all the way . And the driver kept silent all the way , Didn't argue with her about anything .

Then all the passengers on the bus heard , Everyone shook their heads , It is not... That accuses the little girl .

The little girl was in the voice of everyone , His face turned red and he stopped talking , But he still stood on his side angrily , There are ready-made seats next to you , It's like I didn't see it .

Before the driver starts the car again , Looked at the little girl , Said slightly :“ The little girl , Stand up !”

Along the way , The little girl stopped yelling . The bus soon reached the terminal , Everyone lined up to get off , Some people pointed to the little girl and said something while walking . The little girl stood there silently , I don't want to get off until everyone is finished .

The driver took out a packet of paper towels and handed it to the little girl , say :“ The girl , Wipe the water on your face . I know you must know the rules of wearing masks , But I was wronged at school or didn't do well in the exam, right ?” The little girl looked at the driver in surprise , His mouth moved slightly , I wanted to say something, but I didn't say anything .

“ You go to school very hard , Under great pressure , But you must wear a mask when you go out in the future , Nothing is as important as your health , Do you know? “? The driver sounded like a father , Said gently , There are no accusations or complaints about the little girl's previous behavior .

The little girl nodded , Carry your bag silently , Go to the back door . Suddenly turned around before getting off the bus , Eyes with tears , He whispered to the driver :“ I'm sorry ”!

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