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2021-08-31 05:51:03 Life journey

      Come to the vast plain in front of the winding mountains , In the new place, men soon became the main force to hunt ferocious pigs, wolves, lions and tigers in the forest covered mountains and seas and fish in the vast and dangerous waves of the lake and sea . They are in the new environment of the land of the once powerful remnant tribe of the Osprey country , In the ongoing confrontation with powerful strangers , Men soon became the solution to disputes with strange tribes in the new environment , The decisive force in maintaining tribal security . As a result, small tribes continue to choose strong men as their chiefs , To cope with the new environment . Many years later , The old grandmother of Xuanmao tribe died , They are also like other small tribes , They chose a tall, powerful man to be their chief .

      Spring with flowers in full bloom , Some people of Xuanmao tribe, together with the local aborigines, learned to cut trees with bronze saws , Make a small wooden boat , Then paddle the boat down to the lake and the sea to fish , And soon learn to use Osprey to easily hunt fish in deep water .

      The aborigines looked at the people of Xuanmao tribe curiously , Turn good cultivated land into a mire of water , Then plant rice seedlings in ponds , Patches of seedlings thrive , They are very curious . The hottest time , The seedlings bear heavy rice , The Rice turned into golden ears . Many villages of Xuanmao tribe are located in the vast paddy fields around , Golden rice surrounded all the wooden houses . Hot season , Men take off their blouses and bare arms , Women put on light clothes , Harvest golden rice with their own bronze sickle . They tied rice with ropes made of animal skins , Then back to the wooden house to dry , Golden rice filled the houses of every family in Xuanmao tribe .

      This is a wonderful scene that has never been seen before , Shocked the survivors of the Osprey country . They were surprised to see , People of Xuanmao tribe use their self-made bamboo tools to turn golden ears into white grains of rice . The man sighed :“ ah , It's fantastic !” The women of the aboriginal Osprey remnant taste the white rice , Sigh :“ We have never eaten such delicious food , The white rice tastes wonderful ”.

The population of Xuanmao tribe is increasing rapidly , Households and cultivated land of more than a dozen small tribes are also expanding , The scope of their lives and activities is expanding . The paddy field where they planted rice was soon connected with the cultivated land where the indigenous people planted beans and wheat not far away .

      People of indigenous tribes bring their own bronze farm tools and hoes 、 sickle 、 Axe 、 The hammer , All kinds of cooking utensils and other items were exchanged with the people of Xuanmao tribe for this new crop . Young people of Xuanmao tribe often see beautiful girls in beautiful silk clothes , I envy the beautiful Aboriginal girls very much , They soon intermarried with the local aborigines , Quickly integrated into the life of the indigenous people .

      Many places in Xuanmao tribe have built kilns for smelting bronze and casting farm tools and weapons . In front of the big chief's tall wooden house , She said to the little chiefs in a hoarse female voice :“ According to the habits of the ancient Xuanmao tribe , Every family should have their own special horses 、 Spear 、 Bows and arrows, knives and axes . Just now , We should quickly put our spears 、 Harpoon 、 Stone knife 、 The stone axe and the cluster of stone tips were replaced with shiny bronze knives and axes 、 Spear 、 Long dagger and bronze arrow cluster ”. They even learned from the survivors of Osprey , Use raw cowhide to make armor and helmets that cover arrow clusters, knives and spears . This is just the ancient custom of the ancient nomadic tribes serving as soldiers in wartime .

      Bronze hoe 、 The sickle soon replaced the stone hoe 、 Stone sickle , The ability of Xuanmao tribe to grow crops and rice has been rapidly improved , More and more arable land has been reclaimed by these new residents , Into a good field , They produce more grain every year . The land they reclaimed 、 The paddy fields are getting wider and wider , It has even occupied the cultivated land of the remnant of the original Osprey country . Bronze arrow clusters replace stone arrow clusters to make hunting more accurate and easy , People's lives have improved rapidly , The number of livestock, cattle and horses is increasing , Many people keep herds of pigs and buffalo in their livestock pens 、 The horse . The population has skyrocketed , Make arable land 、 Grazing grassland is also expanding , There are some frictions and conflicts with the surrounding indigenous tribes . finally , When they expanded their arable land and occupied the arable land of another tribe, it triggered the first large-scale struggle .

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