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On the old lotus painting and Wang Zhuan

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Last night before going to bed, I turned around and worked 《 Lai ancient Hall painting postscript 》, See the note 《 The old lotus painting and Wang Zhuan 》 a , The record is as follows :

Yu has the same temperament and hobbies as Zhu nunnery. He has been making friends for several years, and there are no differences. Yu Changzhu nunnery is ten or eight years old. Lao Lian Zhu nunnery can't see Lao Lian's ear. Zhu nunnery will return to give this picture to Lao Lian. According to the musician's cool Xiao of Lao Lian, it is suspected that the old man should have seen Lao Lian since he pictured his appearance. Besides the exhibition of the bamboo nunnery, it seems that Lao Lian has never been two friends in his life. It's a pity that when the bamboo nunnery opened, he hung this picture under the Lotus calyx peak immediately The old one comforted all his life

Parting gift , Speak eloquently , In the old lotus 、 Bamboo nunnery is deeply used , The experience between lines can feel . More than 《 Reading pictures 》 Remember the story of Lao Lian , Open and aboveboard , Goqi people also . I taste and read Zhang Dai 、 Mao Qiling, zhisi people, Chapter 2 , And record it .

Chen zhanghou despises dignitaries

Zhou Lianggong

Chen zhanghou's nature is strange , Good at swimming in wine . Man's money is at hand . I especially like painting for poor people , Zhou Qifan . Every poor man lives by it , Hundreds of . If you are rich and powerful, ask for it , Although a thousand gold coins are not worth writing . A dirty show , Lure it into the boat , Fang will identify the pen and ink of people in the song and Yuan Dynasties . After the boat is launched , It's a painting made of silk . Zhang Houke's head is naked , Abuse is endless . The obvious doesn't listen . Then he wanted to sink himself into the water . The obvious brushed away , But go first . Entrust others to ask for it , Not a stroke in the end .

Chen zhanghou

Zhang Dai

Chongzhen Jimao August 13 , Serve Nanhua old man to drink Lake boat , Come home early . Zhang Hou said to Yu sadly :“ Such a good month , Hold the quilt and lie down ?” Yu chicangtou and his family brew douxu , Call a small boat and then go to the broken bridge , Zhang Hou drinks alone , Don't feel drunk . Pass the jade lotus Pavilion , Ding Shuqian called the North Bank of the boat , Out of the pond, the tangerine is paid , Enjoy . Hou Fang Zhang lay on the boat and howled . There are girls on the shore , Call on the boy to greet the cloud :“ Will the Xianggong ship take my girl to the first bridge ?” Yu Xuzhi . The girl happily went down , Light and weak , Wan Keren . Zhang Hou was picked by the wine and said :“ Girl Xia is like Sister Zhang , Can you drink with the bearded guest ?” The girl drank happily . Move the boat to a bridge , Miss two , He poured home brew away . Ask where they live , only smiled but did not reply . Zhang Hou wants to tiptoe , See him pass the tomb of King Yue , You can't chase me .

A farewell biography of Chen Laolian

Mao Qiling

Hong shou , Good drawing lotus , Call yourself Lao Lian . A few years old , See Li Gonglin's painting 《 Confucius disciples 》 Leben , Signify its mistake . Fourteen years old , Hanging in the market , Make money . When first infected , Qiantang Lanying sketching , Lotus asks Ying to infect , Already light Ying . Ying also thinks she can't catch lotus , In the end, I don't draw from life , yue :“ This day also !”

Lotus swim in wine people , The money is at hand . Especially like painting for difficult Confucianism , Chi Ru borrowed a lotus painting to empty . Haojiasuo , Don't get it for a thousand . Taste for all living things , The superintendent asked him to , Don't get . Gu is a good woman , It's not a woman who sits and doesn't drink , A woman cannot sleep at night ; There are women begging for paintings , Always respond to the cloud . At the end of Chongzhen , The emperor ordered to worship , No, bye , Find a soldier ; Prison , To be announced . Wang Shixia went to East Zhejiang , General Fu Jun Gu Shan , Find lotus from the besieged city , Overjoyed , Hurry to draw , Don't draw ; Blade force , Don't draw ; A painting seduced by wine and women . For a long time , Please sign your name for the painting , And there are pink books . Rendered , Drink , Sleep with pictures at night . And wait , Escape !

North Korea 、 Wu liangha 、 Japan 、 Withdraw horse Han 、 Wusi Tibet buys lotus paintings , Keep it straight . There are thousands of living models at home . Yongdong yuan is poor , Bookkeeping for the foreign ship code , Tibetan lotus painting in two cut bamboo , Return to , Yi Japanese Lord . The Lord rejoices , Give a heavy banquet , Pay with bags and beads , Also pass the mold pen .

Lotus taste mold perimeter historical painting , Again and again , I don't want to have . People refer to the model painting and call it :“ The painting has been for weeks , And you , He also ?” yue :“ Therefore, those who are not as good as this , My paintings are easy to see , Then there is no end to what can be done . Long history can , And if you're incompetent , This difficulty can also . I try to think that classical Chinese : My husband is a writer , No argument , That is to say, pick things . Argumentative text , With the text belongs to the matter , Although ready to operate , It also contains the meaning of the author ? From the writer , And the practice is natural , Every text to , You must suck ink with a little bit of ink , If there is an author's intention before the line , Shefu's theory and things are my method , If you say so, you should , If so, it is inappropriate , And the text is dead ! So my husband painted , Charm and strength , 沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨沨2781 , Zhou 、 Qin Zhiwen also . Hook Chuo catch le , Go wrong with the graben , han 、 Wei Wenye . Banished in the Dharma , Nail the front swallow and then , Mausoleum Jingyi , Knead the crack , Before the air is full , Eight families also . Therefore, painting has a God's home , There are famous people , There are masters , Some writers , A craftsman's house , I can't leave the writer , With a negative key .” The theory is so .

Lotus painting wins by nature , However, each has its own way : Osteology Wu Sheng , With the stroke, monk Zheng , Mo FA Jing Hao , Sparse shading infection law Guan Zhongji , Li Gonglin, disciple of Confucius, the sage of the ancient emperor , Guanyin's sparse brushwork, Wu Sheng , Fine Gonglin , The heavens 、 Lohan 、 bodhisattva 、 God Kui 、 ghost 、{ The ghost } Fazhang Hussars , The clothed man, Yan Youxiang , Shi Fang, the head of scholar women's law , How many 、 Zunyou 、 A bottle of poppy 、 What tools 、 Military uniform 、 The vault 、 Fanma 、 camel 、 Sheep and dog law Zhao Chengzhi , Hook Le Zhu FA Liu Jing , Broken branch Peach 、 Peony 、 mei 、 narcissus 、 Inspector Huang of CaoHua method 、 Qian Xuan , Bird eye 、 Whiskers 、 Paint 、 Convex thick method Xuanhe , Bee cicada 、 Vanessa 、 Grubs 、 mantis 、 The arachnid Dharma preaches peace , Yizafatui 、 xu 、 Yellow father and son , Lotus law is based on Lotus . Yu Qinglin said

Zhang hou 《 Bogu 》, Carve for Xin'an Huangzi , He is also a good man . After Zhang Hou died , The son sees Zhang Hou in the daytime , I ordered my wife to collect clothes , yue :“ Chen Gong painted hell into , Call me Moke .” But lotus painting is expensive , Not only human evil ?

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