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Display of the new watercolor painting tutorial book "my watercolor time"

2021-08-31 05:59:21 Photography skills

Just received 《 My water time 》 It is a very thick and detailed watercolor tutorial book , There are many cases and rich types . Share my favorite lotus 、 Lily 、 Strawberry pastries and classical magic books .

Watercolor tutorial book 《 My water time 》

The cover is solid and distinctive 16 Format . Also sent a painting process video and a small line draft . There are many colorful pictures and they are beautiful , I just don't know when I have time to copy and create .

The procedure is quite detailed , The layout is clear and rigorous , I feel like reading high school Art Textbooks .

flowers 、 food 、 Daily Necessities 、 animal 、 figure 、 Scenery, etc . It's just that individual pictures are not very in line with personal preferences .

The overall painting style is a little freehand , There is an obvious touch of hand-painted pen , There is no tendency of fine brushwork .

The hair of cats and tigers is still very fine , The overall effect is similar to that of the photos . The characters are realistic , Not anime , But it's not like a picture , It's between watercolor portrait and animation style .

It feels a little difficult , The steps and painting style are full of details . The strokes are very sophisticated , A little pictorial and quadratic , For me personally, paintings like photos are a little simpler than those abstracted by painting . This style of painting is probably said to be very important , What a painter has is the ability to abstract , And painting is not equal to photos and cannot be replaced by photography , And so on .

Some pictures that I don't like very much also hope to have the opportunity to copy and study seriously . I really feel a little serious about reading Art Textbooks , It's also very pleasant , After all, art class is so interesting .

A lot of painting books and coloring books have been ordered these days . Many of them are what I wanted to buy before , There are also newly discovered treasure books .

Some books don't like every picture , But there are some things I like , The overall style is also quite special .

Learn to draw slowly in the future . Some try to draw more carefully .

Not long ago, I also started some painting books and coloring books , Also sent pictures and comments .

The third dimension is too busy , The second dimension is also busy . Painting still lacks time and skills .

The above simple comments are not professional , And I haven't started painting yet , No practical experience , Don't delve . If you are wrong, please ignore it .

The purpose of painting is to share good things and mood , Invasion and deletion .

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