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Sing a song and walk some way

2021-08-31 06:22:40 Photography


Sing a song , Take a walk ,

Want to remember your beauty , As kind and beautiful as legend ~

Sing across the mountain, sing across the sea , Look up at the blue sky and white clouds ,

Never understood ,

The first is the of life “ sleepy ”, Ugliness and ugliness are like strange stones , Ferocious and frightening !

There will be sadness in the song , The rain falls ……

Can not walk out of the moment of loss , Flowers lose color ,

A glass of wine can't solve your worries ! Gray and light ,

In the paragraph, thousands of feelings are willing to put aside flashiness ~

The road is under my feet , The scenery is constantly , When does the rain stop ?

Sing a song , Take a walk ……

Sea Hibiscus

Sea Hibiscus


Phoenix eye fruit

Phoenix eye fruit

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