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My collection of Mr. He Yaojun's calligraphy and painting (7)

2021-08-31 06:42:18 Life journey

Mr. He once taught us high school physics , He is dedicated to his work , He devoted his life to teaching and educating people , It can be called peach and plum everywhere 、 Fruitful results 、 Achieve brilliance .

Mr. He is simple and diligent , intellectual virtues , A wide range of interests , There is no lack of expertise in erudition , In addition to writing a lot of teaching papers , In many fields .

Into the old age , I'm still writing 、 In high aspirations 、 Passionate .

“ The dark dragon is still raining at dusk , The old trees are blooming in spring ”, It's a famous sentence that teachers prefer , It's also the attitude towards teachers 、 A true portrayal of the spirit .

Huang Gongwang's fifty year study of painting is controversial , But it's true that Mr. he practiced calligraphy for more than 70 years ; The former can be handed down from generation to generation , I believe that teachers will be late .

In my heart , Teacher he is a master , I really admire 、 admire ; Collecting his works is not just for appreciation 、 Copy , Mainly want to understand the noble sentiment and excellent quality of teachers , In order to emulate 、 Study ; I also want to share it with my classmates 、 friend , More people benefit from . My collection of teacher he Yaojun's paintings and calligraphy (7)

1、 Du Fu : It's common to see in king Qi's house , Cui jiutang heard about it several times ago . It is the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan , In the season of falling flowers, I meet you again .

2、 Not vulgar is immortal bone , Amorous is Buddha's heart .

3、 Du Fu 《 Guests arrive at 》: Both the South and the north are spring water , But see the flock of gulls coming day by day . The flower path has never been swept by a guest , Pengmen is open for you now .

4、 Well-being is happiness

5、 Wang Xizhi's “ Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Collection ” Extract :

6、 Li Bai · Sitting alone in Jingting mountain : All the birds are flying high , Lonely clouds go to leisure alone . Look at each other , Only Jingting mountain .

7, Tea is also intoxicating. Why drink , Books smell good. I don't have to spend .

8, Blue wind pine bone

9, I'm going back to my hometown to write books · The tang dynasty · he zhizhang : Little left home, big back , No change in the sound of the hair on the temples . Children don't know each other , Smile and ask where the guests come from .

10、 Years static good

11、 The plum blossom / mei · The song dynasty · Wang Anshi : Count the plum trees in the corner , Ling Han opens alone . Remote knowledge is not snow , For there is a fragrance .

12、 Yang Wanli : After all, West Lake is in June , The scenery is not the same as the four seasons . The lotus leaves are endless , The lotus against the sun is different .

13、 Peaches and plums are fragrant

14、 As good as water , Social commitment .

15、 Li Bai ·《 Wisteria 》

16、 ghtt

17、 Su shi · #NAME? - Chibi nostalgia : the mighty river flows eastward , The waves wash away , A timeless personage . West of the old base , Humanity is , Chibi, zhoulang of the Three Kingdoms . Stones pierce the air , Amazing waves , Roll up a thousand piles of snow . Jiangshan picturesque , How many heroes . Think of Gongjin back then , Xiao Qiao is just married , take a heroic posture . calm , Talk and laugh , The scull and the smoke are gone . A visit to my hometown , Love should laugh at me , Early birth of HUAFA . Life is like a dream , One also sprinkles the moon on the river .

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