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If you write, you will be like a spring

2021-08-31 06:42:27 Life journey

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Last night, 10 spot , Only to find that the day has not been completed , The mind is still blank , There was a sense of frustration . What shall I do? ? If you don't write freehand, you know how to break more , I can't bear to insist 180 Break habit for many days , Still stick to it . Simply open the simple book , When I opened Jane's book , A magical thing happened , One or two ideas suddenly came out of my mind , Finally, choose one of them about “ If you don't think, you will become a prisoner of other people's thoughts ” The theme , Several suggestions have been sorted out around this theme , Sort it out , Even if an article of several hundred words is finished . Although the content is a little rough , It's even a little full , But after writing, look back , I sort out my own views , It records the current feelings and life , Achieved the goal of daily change .

After this, I reflected on why my mind was blank when I didn't write , Once you start writing, you have content ? I think there are three reasons : First, writing can bring people into a state of concentration . Once you start writing , Whether typing through the keyboard , Or handwritten words , Will make people pay more attention , The brain focuses on one focus , The brain will think divergently around a certain point , Form a point of view .

Second, writing can make people in a rational state . Write, even if you write casually , People subconsciously regard writing as a rational thing , Get rid of emotional content . This is probably mankind's worship of words since ancient times , Think writing is a sacred thing , This will make people organize their confused thoughts into clear order 、 Logical content .

Third, writing can make people sort out meaningful content . Ye Shengtao said :“ Writing is the continuation of speaking ”, In other words , Writing is actually recording our language , And people inevitably have to say a lot every day , Although most of it is nonsense , But there are also some impressive insights , Once the recording mode is taken , The brain will filter out some meaningless 、 What's repeated , Record something of relative value , Thus, there is something to say when you write . meanwhile , We can't help thinking about some ordinary things , Give some special meaning . for example , Have dinner or a movie with your loved one , Maybe there's nothing special about dinner and the movie , But if this is a special day , Or our favorite object , We will feel that this meal or movie has another meaning , This may be what people call the sense of life ritual .

All in all , When you find nothing to write , Just hide in the study , Turn on the computer , Start writing a paragraph . Then you will find that you are as gentle as a spring , Countless thoughts flow with the keyboard , At this time , You're even excited to announce to the world , I used to be a writing genius !

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