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Stars growing in trees

2021-08-31 07:33:39 Photography

“ Stars growing in trees ”,

I looked up at hibiscus ,

In my childhood ,

Its flowers fall in front of the door .

When I was a child, I pursued gorgeous red roses ,

Or pick up the fragrant petals of brandy ,

Or the lovely purple morning glory ,

Take my eyes ……

Didn't pay much attention to it .

When I grew up , Only then discovered

In the forest of Hibiscus ,

Pieces of green leaves are just like hearts ,

When the wind blows , The leaves clattered ,

What kind of situation ~~

“ Love without words ”.

During the new crown epidemic ,

Postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games for a year ,

2020 The Olympic Games 2021 In, we insisted on holding ,

People on this planet , What are you sticking to ?

Masks on the street and Sports Events

How to coordinate ?

“ Athletes in multiple sports catch up with each other ,

Sweat and passion ,

Fight for championship glory ,

In order to raise the national flag, the national anthem is played

That moment ……”

“ Yang Qian's first Olympic gold ,

The women's 10 M air rifle ,

The last shot ,

So take a firm aim and hit !


The flowers of civilization of all countries are blooming ,

The white dove in the light of peace ,

Across the blue sky and white clouds ~

During a severe epidemic ,

What a brave and determined dove this is !

How excited the commentators and audiences around the world ~~

Stars growing in trees ,

I looked up at hibiscus ,

Golden flowers ,

At this special moment , It's like seeing people ,

The Olympic spirit in my heart

That brilliance !!

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