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Hawaii epidemic today

2021-08-31 08:21:28 Life journey

2021 year 8 month 7 Japan , Saturday , Hawaii COVID-19 The number of people infected in a single day is 615 example . This is to enter 8 Since the month , More than three consecutive days 600 More than cases . The death toll is also increasing , And the infection rate of young people and children is rising .

The governor of Hawaii recently asked : All state and city employees report their vaccination status . However , That's the requirement , Today, it triggered protests from some people . They hold various slogans in their hands , The key word is :Freedom .

Put on the mask , Lost the freedom to breathe . vaccination , Became a forced choice ,jesus is the answer. Protesters can express various reasons , But the fact is that the number of infected people is increasing . I really don't wear masks for these , People who don't want to be vaccinated worry .

In contrast to the protesters, in Honolulu's Chinatown , The vaccination division of Queen's Hospital , Volunteers actively publicize the safety knowledge of vaccination , And the impact of vaccination on families and communities , And the importance of epidemic prevention in the Hawaiian Islands .

With the detailed introduction of volunteers , Some residents took the initiative to receive on-site vaccination . When volunteers learn that we have 5 After vaccination in January , He gave a sincere praise with his thumb . The experience of vaccination , Only after the second shot , I feel a little tired , After a day's rest, he returned to normal .

Even though COVID-19 Variants Delta It has become the main epidemic virus at present , however , Vaccination is still the main way to prevent virus infection . therefore , The higher the vaccination rate , The stronger the ability to resist the attack of the virus .

Hawaii's health department chart shows , from 7 The last week of the month begins ,17 The number of cases in people aged and below is on the rise , The reason is related to the low vaccination rate . therefore . State public schools are 8 month 2 After the opening of school day , Students aged 12 and over can be vaccinated .

Epidemic ravaged Hawaii , The climate is still pleasant . However , Whether it's tourists from the United States , Or local residents , The shadow of anxiety lingers in my heart . After all, every day 600 Multi person infection is not a small number , Besides, you don't know where you'll encounter bad luck .

In the face of the current epidemic , Wear a mask honestly , Wash hands often or use disinfectants sanitizer, Try to minimize going out , Stay at home when you are ill , It is important to get vaccinated as soon as possible .

The Hawaiian Ministry of Health said , In the past week, there have been about 20% to 25% Of COVID-19 The case is a child . Because there is no vaccine for children , So doctors remind parents to be extra careful .

If Hawaii's vaccination rate does not reach 70% above , Medical experts predict that in 10 month , The average number of infections per day will exceed 1000 example . therefore , For the safety of yourself, family and friends , Hurry up and get vaccinated . For those who don't want to be vaccinated , Can only respect its Freedom The choice of .

Hawaii as of today 8 month 7 Japan , The number of infected people is 43377 example , Death 537 example . I would like to record my wishes : Now people live a long and healthy life , The dead are interested in the bright paradise .

8/7/2021 The nursery was written in Honolulu, Hawaii

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