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We meet in Hawaii travel series  ( (10)

2021-08-31 08:21:36 Life journey

25、 Gulanni ranch (Kualoa Ranch)

Gulanni ranch (Kualoa Ranch) Was built in the 1850 year , Located in the northeast of Oahu Island , Towering lush mountains and dense tropical jungle .

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The whole ranch stretches along the coastline , Five miles long , It spans three mountains 、 Two canyons , A total of 4,000 acres . It is the top scenic spot on Oahu Island , Visitors can feel and experience the real Hawaii here .

Gulani ranch has 10 An exciting tour , Whether it's riding in the rainforest , Or driving a four-wheel drive SUV on a rugged mountain road ; Or choose live fire , Take a Catamaran Cruise to Mysterious Island , Will enjoy unforgettable scenery .

2020 year 3 month 34 Japan , COVID-19 COVID-19 The outbreak of , The Hawaiian Islands are closed , until 2021 year 5 It is only in January that we begin to travel abroad , The amusement project of gulani ranch has also been adjusted accordingly .

Gulanni ranch , As one of the most sacred places on Oahu . In ancient Polynesian legends , There are a lot of stories around every plant here . Many Hollywood movies and TV plays , Such as :《 Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)》、《 Godzilla (Godzilla)》、《 be lost (LOST》、《 Tan Island Mounted Police (Hawaii5-0)》、《 Ultimate trial (Last Resort)》 And so on .

Here are tourists who have experienced the gulani ranch , stay 2020 Experience years ago , List seven to share with you :

1、 We bought a package ticket ( Pack a lunch at noon + Four games ), I chose to ride a horse , Fish pond , Jurassic Park shooting base and bumpy car . I don't feel much about riding , The horses here walk too slowly , I still prefer the Mongolian fast horse . It rained that day , I went around a big lake in a boat , It still feels nothing special , If it rains that day, you'd better take a dress . Jurassic Park shooting base is not bad , The scenery is very good , vast . The bumpy car is sitting 1970 The military vehicles in were driving up and down everywhere , This feeling is really windy !

2、 Gulani's arrangement is very orderly , Each activity has an accurate departure time , After choosing, you can make your own arrangements according to the time . Because we have children , Mainly to meet the needs of children, choose more leisure projects , There are four-wheel drive cars in it , Learn Hula Dancing and so on , One day's activities can be very rich and exciting . Most importantly, this place is very big , The tourists were scattered , Like a rancher inside , The feeling is very good .

3、 Gulani ranch can choose 4 A project , When we decided, we chose ATV, You can choose to ride a horse or ATV, But it seems that riding a horse is better than ATV cheap , I think ATV It's really fun ,ATV Just what kind of off-road vehicle you drive , But I'll test it first , If you fail the test , The coach won't play for you , Because it's very dangerous . We chose 2、3、5、8, The last one because of the long time , So choosing the last one is equal to choosing 2 individual . And if you choose the last one , It's best to bring your own swimsuit , Otherwise there's nothing to play , It'll be boring . Gulani ranch is really worth visiting .

4、 The gulani ranch surrounded by clouds , Drivers will explain the history of this place all the way , Since it's a movie experience , This line is where the films are shot , Every shooting place , There is a small sign with the name of the film , The driver will also introduce the plot and actors of the film , Of course, I don't forget to say that making movies here is really expensive .

5、 Someone took pictures for you and sold them to you , Every picture 15 dollar . also , I don't seem to see the shooting ,ATV want 16 You can only drive over the age of , Riding a horse 2 Hours are limited to people who don't follow the group , I didn't go around the fish pond for an hour , Just walk on the mountain . The battlefield of the Whisperer is a wall . The house in Pearl Harbor is very big , There are also two photos of Jurassic Park and geocentric exploration 2 The big dinosaur eggs used in ( Lizard egg ). It seems that there is no project of sea voyage .

6、 Speaking of the horses at the gulani ranch , Taller, stronger , It's shiny , But I found them very docile , Very good , Very obedient , They are very orderly , I can't jump in line , Won't steal the way , It's very reassuring to ride on it .

7、 Such a good place , Unfortunately, there are only two Chinese tourists , Japanese tourists account for a large proportion . Most friends who like the outdoors and nature will like it here .

Go to gulani ranch (Kualoa Ranch) The way you travel , You can join the delegation in Honolulu , Or book your own program , Rent a car or take a taxi . Either way , A trip to the gulani ranch , You won't be disappointed .

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