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Who is changing you

2021-08-31 08:30:28 Photography

    I don't know when I can't wake up , To the present 6 Wake up more naturally .32 Stay up late before the age of , sleep 4 An hour is enough to last a day , Today, 11 I fell asleep at a little more . Dreaming is a habit since childhood , What is different from the past is that I can't remember what happened in my dream . I didn't get fat before , You have a hot body without management . Now some people are doing sports , Some people are controlling their diet , It doesn't seem to help the meat welded to the body . Perhaps the body is quietly changing because of age .




      Once dessert control 、 Hot pot control 、 Takeout party , Now it's moving away . Too much sugar intake will make you fat and be bad for your skin . Cold drinks can irritate the throat , Constrict the pharyngeal vessels , Decreased blood flow , Germs multiply , Easy to cause sore throat . Excessive fat intake will lead to excessive body fat , Cause too many fatty acids in the blood , Will accumulate in the intestines and blood vessels , High triglycerides can cause high blood pressure . Take out has nutritional problems , The quality of fresh vegetables is poor , The proportion of vegetables in takeout is not balanced . I can't tell whether age is changing me , still ......

    Sleepless morning , An unbearable night , Can't afford the cold 、 sweet 、 oil 、 Greasy . Especially like a sentence :“ Try to make money when you have time , Keep in good health in your spare time , Serious life , That's the way to happiness ; No disease on the body , Nothing in my heart , Enjoy the rest of your life .”

  Such as old , With the one you love , Find a town , Stay quiet , Watch the sun in the morning at the end of the alley , At night with a cane to beat the sunset ……

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