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Dig a hole and bury yourself

2021-08-31 08:30:33 Photography

I use your light , Seeing a whole new world ;

I also like you , Make yourself a better self .


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1, There are many things that are really imposed on you by the times , Like marriage , such as …… Being parasitized by this spirit will have a very strong sense of powerlessness , Even if you've got some , Even got a lot .

Real nothingness , They must be picked clean , To get a really healthy loving relationship , Fresh, non sticky life .

Anyway, everyone has only such a lifetime , No one can be heavier than a minute , What kind of colorful or A vain and boring life depends on yourself , In fact, vanity is very boring, because really no one is sincere Care you OK?

2, Letting go of three children is conducive to the wishes of three families :

One is the rich family , Don't worry, can't afford ; One is poor families in remote places , I'm not afraid I can't afford ; There is also a super patriarchal family , Don't stop until you have a boy .

besides , Most families don't have three children .

3, I read an article before to analyze the contradiction between learning and enterprising and game entertainment .

The main argument is that wasting time for game entertainment is not a problem after the popularity of video games , There has always been in history , But in my opinion , This contradiction actually appeared in the very late stage of the human species .

It's like saying , Before the Qing Dynasty , No video games , Let's fight crickets , Hold a playwright , Don't study hard and forge ahead , Before that , When you don't like fighting crickets and holding operas , It's time to study hard ?

No drop , Still don't learn , The big guy thinks listening to the military play , It's fun to play wine chips , When you don't want to listen to military plays and wine chips ?

Someone else is lying on the street , Knock five stone powder and brag , Or play go, backgammon , Before that, it was cockfighting , Marbles , All in all , As long as you don't learn to forge ahead , There are many ways to have fun .

4, Most of the time , A man recalls his schooldays 「 Female student 」, I only think of a few beautiful female classmates .

Other female and male students are usually submerged in 「 classmate 」 Under this more vague title .

5, What are you worried about , Just make up for it in action .

Fear of illness , Just keep working out .

Fear of health problems , Just a nutritious diet .

Stay away from milk tea 、 Soft drink 、 Alcohol 、 snacks , Stay away from sedentary , Stay away from impetuosity , Avoid emotional problems , Avoid staying up late .......

Someone asked :“ Then we are anxious in all aspects , What do I do ?”

If you are anxious about your appearance and figure , And worry about age, marriage and childbirth ; Both worry about salary income , And anxious about social contacts ; Both anxiety, widowhood and loneliness , And anxiety, physical illness .......

that , Conscience advice :

Dig a hole , Bury yourself .

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