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Highway repair to the door (3)

2021-08-31 08:33:08 Literary frequency modulation

After the official opening , There are fewer villagers here . Adults tell children , Don't go to the high speed if you have nothing to do , How unsafe the car is . But some people can't help but want to take a walk along the highway .

I'm eight years older than my uncle , Because of cerebral infarction, I was idle at home , When a person is fine , Just like walking along the high speed . Sometimes , It's a long time to go . He said , See cars from all over the world whirring past , I feel that my connection with the world has not been interrupted .

My cousin also likes to stroll along the highway . At that time , He brought a two month old German shepherd from his uncle's house . Partiality , Take it with you wherever you go , When you go to the highway , Also take . result , Something unfortunate happened . Less than a year old German Shepherd , A sudden impulse , Get into the guardrail , Want to cross the highway , Hit by a speeding car , When he fell on the side of the road, his flesh and blood were blurred .

My cousin almost cried all the way , Bring back the body of your dog , Dug a hole in the backyard , Buried . Buried , The tears haven't stopped . On that day , There's something I'm not at home . These scenes , I still listened to my aunt . After that , For a long time , My cousin didn't have a dog anymore .

This road , Something worse , We're not uncommon . For a while , Three to five , You can always hear the shrill siren on the highway . The siren sounded , It indicates an accident at high speed . Follow the villagers to watch , See the deformed vehicles and the blackened blood on the road at the scene of the accident , Feel particularly worried . Listen to people , The driver fell asleep while driving again , Or rear end , Or hit a guardrail . however , Not every accident , Will cause casualties , Sometimes , The car was badly damaged , People happen to be okay .

Encounter heavy fog , The highway is blocked up , All the slowly crawling vehicles turned on the fog lights , Looked from a distance , This road is like a foggy floating bridge , It was covered with dense lights . In a traffic jam , It brings some business opportunities to the villagers along the way , Someone pushed the car , Bring a thermos full of hot water , And the bread and instant noodles from the supermarket . Yelling at the roadside , Earn some pocket money , Subsidize household use .

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