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The Hawaiian King's glory of the Olympic surfing gold medalist

2021-08-31 08:40:52 Life journey

2021 year 7 month 27 Japan , The Tokyo Olympic Games produced the first surfing gold medal in history , The female winner is a famous Hawaiian player who played for the United States Carissa Moore( Carlissa · Mole ). The gold medal won , It also marks the origin of surfing in Hawaii , The king's glory with the best name .

The first female Olympic surfing gold medalist in history

Honolulu, Hawaii (Honolulu,Hawaii) born , , 28 Carlissa · Mole (Carissa Moore), I'm a professional American surfer ;2011、2013、2015 and 2019 year WSL( World surfing Federation ) Women's World Tour champion . She graduated from Honolulu's famous private punahoe school (Punahou School), This is also former US President Barack · Obama [Barack Obama] My alma mater .

2021 year 8 month 5 Japan , Carlissa, who returned with honors · Mole , At a live press conference at the State Capitol , Accepted Hawaii Governor David · Iger (David Ige) A certificate of merit . As early as 2015 year ,21 Moore was selected into the surfer Hall of fame at the age of , And be 《 National Geographic 》 Named adventurer of the year , The state of Hawaii announced 1 month 4 The day is KARISSA · Moore day (Carissa Moore Day).

Carlissa · Mole (Carissa Moore),5 He began to follow his Irish and German father at the age of , Surfing on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii ,12 At the age of, he embarked on the road of professional surfers .2010 In, she became the first woman to participate in the triple crown of surfing on Oahu Island . Her mother is a mixture of Hawaiian aborigines and Filipinos , Raised in a Chinese American family .

Carlissa, who won the Olympic gold medal · Moore said , Surfing is a Hawaiian sport , It's the place of origin . I hope I can become this sport , Aloha (Aloha) Ambassador of spirit and people , This gives Hawaiians hope , You can do what you dream .

1912 year , The Olympic Games are held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden (Stockholm ) hold .18 Year old Hawaiian youth Duke · Kahanamoku ( Duke Kahanamoku) Representing the United States , Refresh 100 Won the gold medal in the world record of meter swimming . thereafter , He is committed to promoting surfing in Hawaii , Known as “ The father of modern surfing ”.

For nearly a hundred years , Surfing became an Olympic event for the first time . Carlissa · Mole (Carissa Moore) Won the first surfing gold medal in Olympic history , This is both an honor for the United States , It's also the glory of Hawaiians . Actually , Behind this gold medal , Carrying the efforts of generations in Hawaii , Even the payment of life .

2003 year 10 month 31 Japan , Hawaii 13 Year old surfing girl Bethany · Hamilton (Bethany Hamilton), On the north shore of Oahu (North Shore) He was attacked by a shark while surfing and lost his left arm . But she didn't flinch , After a few months , The right arm picked up the surfboard and went to the sea .2005 year , Bethany won the national surfing championship , And published her autobiography 《 Soul surfing : One about faith 、 The true story of family and getting back on the surfboard 》, The book is on 《 Los Angeles Times 》 List of best sellers .

2011 year , A Hollywood film based on Bethany 《 Soul surfer 》 It was well received , Many viewers wept in the cinema . Now , Bethany is a well-known one armed surfing hero in the United States , It is also the top in the world 10 Professional female surfers .

The Olympic motto : Higher , faster , Stronger , More united .

2005 year 12 month 2 Japan , World famous surfing photographer , Professional general Malik · Joyx (Malik Joyeux), In the Hawaiian surfing competition, he was swallowed up by huge waves . However , Surfing is a fearless sport , It shows the Olympic motto : Higher , faster , stronger (Faster, Higher, Stronger ) The content of .

2021 year 7 month 27 Japan , American Hawaiian surfer carlissa · Mole (Carissa Moore), The Olympic surfing gold medal won in Tokyo, Japan is remembered in history . In a period of ups and downs of the world epidemic , New slogans adopted by the Olympic Games : More united (Together), It is also an important way for human beings to overcome the virus ; It is similar to the ancient Aloha in Hawaii (Aloha) The spirit echoes each other .“ unity 、 friendship 、 peace 、 progress ” The purpose of the Olympic Games , It is also needed by all mankind 、 The common goal of yearning and pursuing .

The king glory of Hawaiian surfers , It is also a representative of mankind's courage to overcome difficulties and dangers . Last , With calissa · Mole (Carissa Moore) A passage from the book encourages all women :(I want other girls to know I understand what they’re going through. I want to empower women to believe in themselves and do what they love.)” “ I want girls to understand , I understand their situation ; I want to encourage women to believe in themselves , Do what you love .

8/14/2021 The nursery was written in Honolulu, Hawaii

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