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Meet a thought-provoking parting

2021-08-31 08:40:59 Life journey

Walking and fitness tonight , Unexpectedly, I met a hundred people memorial meeting , In an open-air park . Dead Aboriginal girl , At the age of nineteen . Midnight a few days ago , The girl argued with someone in the parking lot and was crushed to death . at present , The case is still pending , Therefore, the specific situation has not been disclosed yet .

I only read the news in the morning , I never thought I saw the girl's farewell remembrance at night . Death does not revive , Bereavement , The damage to the family is huge . The girl's name , Hanging on the tennis wall of the Park Court . A long table , There are pictures of the girl on both sides , It looks really young from a distance . There are flowers from relatives and friends , And the things that girls loved .

Everyone attending the memorial meeting was holding a candle , Express your blessing to the girl , And pray for her pain in another without dispute , And the world full of light is peaceful and peaceful . From the ceremony of memorial activities , It's like a complete Aboriginal style . The person who presided over the ceremony , Singing a sad elegy , It sounds tearful ,

A 19-year-old girl , In the prime of youth , But died in a dispute , It sounds really sad . Criminals will be severely punished by the law , But the living girl , Since then, the sound and appearance will no longer live . This makes her loving parents feel embarrassed !

With deep sympathy and sadness , Keep walking on the road of fitness . But walking , But I can't go on . Go home ! Can that lovely girl find her home tonight ?

Sit at the table , It's hard to calm down . The girl's memorial meeting , It touched me so much . I've been thinking about , If I could bear it at that time , Maybe you can see the sun tomorrow . Is life really destined , Can't you step back ?

19-year-old fresh life , So it stopped at two forever 0 August, 2001 . Originally plain all my life , But because of walking and fitness, I met by chance in a parting , Unfortunately, only photos are left in the world . Meeting is fate , Let alone life and death . Only praying silently in front of the Buddha : Wish to live in the pure land of the West , Jiupin Lianhua as parents .

The loss of a girl's life , Also give some hints to the living , Patience is the treasure of life . We condemn illegality and violence , But evil never disappeared . therefore , Sometimes tolerance is also a way to save life , After all, survival is more important .

In the past, Hanshan asked Shide and said : People in the world slander me 、 Cheat me 、 My shame 、 Laugh at me 、 Light me 、 Cheap me 、 Hate me 、 Lie to me 、 How to deal with ? He said : Just put up with him 、 Let him 、 By him 、 Avoid him 、 Bear with him 、 To him 、 Leave him alone , Stay a few more years and see him .

Share today's insights and thoughts , I hope to learn more about tolerance in life . May everyone be lucky day and night 、 Safe access .

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8/12/2021 The nursery was written in Honolulu, Hawaii

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