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Follow up - Siguniang mountain

2021-08-31 08:54:04 Photography

2017 I went to Siguniang mountain during the winter vacation in , Along the plank road , All the way sunshine , Snow all the way , Wonders all the way .

The gurgling stream has a unique view from a distance , Because what we see is not water at all , It's a glacier spectacle : Waterfall ice 、 Water ice .

Although it was sunny the day I went , But those waterfall ice and water ice are like natural carved objects , not to turn a hair , There is no sign of melting !

Maybe the ice and snow that should melt have already melted , And the ice and snow that hasn't melted is like a picture , God generally exists in Siguniang mountain , Dress up Siguniang mountain to be particularly eye-catching .

——2017.01.25 With the beat

Think it's water ? This is waterfall ice

At the end of the trestle

Four girls

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