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There are three things that can really change our income

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I use your light , Seeing a whole new world ;

I also like you , Make yourself a better self .


Double check every day ( communication ):

She said , Now insist on skipping rope every day , Enjoy the process , I feel like saying goodbye to my lazy self , Now I want to try , The early stage is no matter what you do , Substitute driving , Net pin , Live broadcast, etc , Make sure you have... Every day 300 The extra income of , Is this feasible ?

He said , Income is the rock of everything .

She said , Whatever you do , What do you do , Guarantee the minimum income every day , Then move forward a little .

He said , What can really change our income , There are three .

First of all , Our own foundation .

second , Our enterprising spirit .

Third , Friends with higher income than us .

however , We often don't see three .

She said , I remember Mr. Wang Tong had a class to ask questions .

For example, ask yourself , What ten things can I do to see friends with higher income than us ?

He said , Isn't there a lot in the group ?

And a little bit more .

It's women .

It's easy to fall into a theoretical puzzle .

Just studying these theories all day .

It doesn't make any sense .

You can see from the courses in the field of training .

Take part in any training , I know everything .

In fact, I don't know anything .

She said , Just study your work , Study every detail , Then apply what you have learned .

He said , Just say 50 Before the age of .

Just study how to make money .

Everything else is wrong .

Brother Niu often tells us , Young people study Chinese culture, Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine .

To make money .

You know everything .

When you have money , You can compare your past thoughts .

You'll find that , You've really transformed into another person .

She said , A healthy body , Make more money .

Everything else is wishful thinking .

He said , Do you have 1000 After ten thousand savings .

You'll find that .

What you were confused about in the past , All have no .

For example, fitness .

You'll find that , Rich women are in good shape .

The rich women in film and television dramas are the images of charter women .

actually , Rich women are generally younger than their peers 5 To 10 year .

We have similar feelings, No ?


Double check every day ( life ):

On the day of bamboo slips , The official account date is more , Circle of friends day change .

Know how to operate every day , Keep trying to increase your score .

Make a phone call , Add WeChat , Maintain communication and interaction with customers .

Yesterday was Doudou's last day at the three homes , Summer vacation is over .

When I sent them out, three said ,2022 bye , I'm going to use the remaining half a year to cure my mood of watching Doudou for half a month , ok , Hear this sentence , I feel a little melancholy .

Then I thought about going to the supermarket , As a result, Doudou went to the artificial counter to deposit the package , The operation is very disharmonious , So I didn't go into the supermarket and went straight home , It began to rain near the playground , Try to speed up the ride home , not so bad , Not wet .

Take a shower , Paste , Lie flat and brush your mobile phone , The day is over again .

The most exciting thing yesterday was the interaction with the teacher in the group , That's what we're talking about today , Tell the truth , A great harvest , Thank you very much , All in all , Another beautiful day , Refueling duck ~

I am a educated real estate agent in Suzhou , Like reading , Like sports , Like giggling water , Grateful to meet , Thank you for attention ~

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