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Chinese Hawaiian Kumu   Hina

2021-08-31 09:05:47 Life journey

Living in Hawaii , Often meet some “I am  a Half Chinese” or “I am a quarter Chinese” Chinese Americans . But from him ( she ) Their looks 、 Skin colour 、 Language and other elements to observe , It's hard to connect with China . however , As long as you still agree that your blood flows with the composition of Chinese people , It makes sense to be classified as Chinese .

Kumu Hina

1789 year , The first generation of Chinese arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii .1989 year , In memory of the Chinese coming to Hawaii 200 Anniversary of the , Chinese community in Honolulu Chinatown , Organized a large-scale commemorative activity that lasted for a year .2021 year , Chinese have lived in Hawaii 232 year , That is to say, there is almost 10 Generation Chinese , Continuing the blood of the Chinese people , Of course, it should also include mixed ethnic Chinese .

A dozen years ago , Hawaiian documentary 《Kumu Hina》, Well, half of the Hawaiians are Chinese , Huang Guiguang (Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu) The teacher's story . Although on the outside , She is a typical Aboriginal “ beauty ”, But her way of life is deeply influenced by her Chinese grandmother .

For example, in a documentary Hina say , I was taught from an early age to eat when my elders began to eat , To pick up the dishes and chopsticks . Even though she can't speak too much Chinese , But the Chinese New Year “ May you be happy and prosperous ”、“ Add happiness and longevity ” Wait for auspicious words , Or learned from grandma . thus it can be seen , How far-reaching the influence of Chinese traditional culture is .

Give Way Hina I never thought , The documentary 《Kumu Hina》 Show... In Guangzhou , Take this opportunity , She found her relatives whose ancestral home is Zhongshan, Guangdong . Influenced by Chinese traditional culture since childhood , Relatives get together to make sticky cakes , Also let Hina Learned to be patient , Put your feelings and time into one thing , Make sure you get a harvest .

image Hina Such Chinese people , There are many more in Hawaii . In Aloha (Aloha) In love and tolerance , Chinese traditional culture is the same as other excellent cultures in the East and the West , Harmony , It's shining . As a teacher who inherits the traditional culture of Hawaiian aborigines (Kumu) With social activists ,Hina Will respect 、 equality 、 Mutual help Aloha Spermatophore , In the form of dance , Leave people more thinking outside the body .

hawaiian :Kumu, In Aboriginal Culture , In addition to the meaning of a teacher , Religious teachers are also called kumu. thus ,Kumu Hina, With a career as a dance teacher , At the same time, he is also the chairman of the Ohu martyrdom Committee . More challenging “ beauty ” identity , It's actually from transgender . Yes ,Hina I'm a transgender , But she never hid herself .

Chinese Hawaiians Kumu Hina, It's countless “I am a Half Chinese” A member of the . In her body, we can see the recognition of Chinese culture , We can also find the differences between Western cultures . But anyway , In traditional Aloha In the philosophy of life : Gender equality , It deserves everyone's respect and understanding .

8/18/2021 The evening nursery was written in Honolulu, Hawaii

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