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Live your life in words

2021-08-31 09:05:49 Life journey

“ There are hundreds of flowers in spring and months in autumn , There is cool wind in summer and snow in winter , If there is nothing to worry about , It's a good time on earth .” Simple life , It's also a kind of happiness .

Jane wandered around the village , Say hello to the teachers and friends , Say hello , Point a praise ; Have time to read a few more articles , Write a few comments , Nature is also a happy life .

The most healing thing in the world , The first is food , The second is the text , therefore , In Jane's village, it's just boring words , It's not eye-catching . Instead, when there is food 、 The beautiful , With beautiful articles , All at once full of blood .

I don't know who said such a thing : Only food and love can live up to ! It really sounds good . food , Not necessarily just delicacies ; There is love, even Jiangxi fried rice noodles , It can also be famous in the world .

dumplings , This typical Chinese food . South koreans 、 The Japanese like , Even Lao Mei said “ delicious ”. Today I'm with you , Share my “ works ”. It's not a festival , Only record ordinary days .

Good luck and good night !️️️️️️

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