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We meet in Hawaii travel series  ( (XII)

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28、 Equality Institute (The Byodo-In Temple)

Korao mountains on Oahu Island (Koolau Range), Deep in the lush valley , There is a room called The Byodo-In Japanese Buddhist temples . Maybe there are many Hawaiian cemeteries in the valley , So this area is also called Temple Valley (Valley of the Temples).The Byodo-In Temple Meaning for “ Equality Institute ”, It was originally the world production of Yuzhi, Kyoto, Japan .

Japan Yuzhi equality Institute and Hawaii equality Institute

1968 year , To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii , The equality court imitated and built according to the original version of Yuzhi was completed . It conveys the fundamental teachings of Buddhism to the world “ All beings are equal ” opinion , And the yearning and pursuit of world peace . The whole Buddhist temple building , From top to bottom without a nail .

The main building of the equality court is the Phoenix Hall (Hoodo Pavilion of The Byodo-in), The main hall is dedicated to 18 feet ( about 5.5 rice ) High gold foil statue of Amitabha . Amitabha is the leader of the blissful world , Buddhists believe in the pure land of the West , You can get rid of all the pain in the world . Chant the holy name of Amitabha , At the end of his life, he will be received by the Buddha and lead Lianhua into life .

The solemn statue of Amitabha Buddha , It is on the four gold leaf Baolian , The thumb and index finger of both hands are linked in a ring, and the meditation seal , A calm face with a slight smile . The third eye on the forehead , It symbolizes the awareness of the pain of all sentient beings ; High humped bun , It represents the wisdom of the invisible top . Relax , Bow your head slightly , Live alone and look mercifully at the people who come and go .

The back screen relief of Amitabha Buddha's statue , There are twelve palms 、 Hold the pestle 、 Take a flag 、 Holding lotus 、 Playing music in different postures 、 A Bodhisattva in high spirits . Taodou caisson imitating Tang Mogao Grottoes , The hollowed out carving is exquisite ; The round wheel pattern in the square well is vivid . The antique offerings in front of the Buddha under the lotus seat have their own characteristics , flower 、 Copper furnace 、 The lights are on ; The tea is fragrant at first , The Dharma world is fumigated .

In front of the main hall of the equality court , Stone court and pond , Dynamic and static , with a pregnant meaning . Kyoto Garden Designer Kiichi Toemon Sano, When designing this pure land court , Think and worry , Meticulous . We should not only reflect the natural style , We must also observe the Buddhist expression . therefore , wood 、 The grass 、 water 、 stone , Every arrangement contains the wonderful function of enlightenment through religion .

Crouching or kneeling by the pond , Facing the main hall , Look up through the heart-shaped window . In the Holy Church “ Buddha's face is like a pure full moon , Like a thousand days of light ” As for the present .《 Guan Wuliang Shou Jing 》 load :“ If you want to give birth to the West , First, look at one foot and six images on the pool water .” Based on the classical theory , And the belief in life in blissful pure land , The main hall stands by the pools of water , Amitabha, sit in it .

Phoenix Hall of the house of equality (Hoodo Pavilion of The Byodo-in), Adoption “ Bedroom style ” The type of , Trihedral water circulation . The whole building plan is like a flying phoenix , The main hall is the Phoenix body , The left and right corridors are Phoenix wings , The back porch is Phoenix Tail , Hence the name Phoenix hall . The main ridge on the roof of the main hall is decorated with a pair of Chinese Phoenix , It's called... In Japanese hōō.

The overlapping landscape of buildings and gardens , Like a spreading Phoenix floating in the pool , The reflection is long , People can't help noticing again and again . There is a way to do it , Like a dream , Like dew, like electricity , Do as you should . The lotus blooms , Phoenix Nirvana , Blissful world is not going to this 100 billion Buddha land .

Equality Institute The Byodo-In

Holy bell (Bon-Sho) It's an introduction to the equality court , This mouth is about 1.5 rice , weighing 3 Tons of copper bell , Many people will crash before entering the main hall , To pray for good luck and peace 、 Health and longevity . When the powerful and deep bell , In the quiet valley , world peace 、 People's happiness 、 The land is clean 、 Family happiness and other wishes ripple in the world . As the saying goes : The bell rang within three thousand bounds , There are ten thousand people in the Dharma field ,

Equality Institute (The Byodo-In Temple) Our architectural design is unique , Buddhist culture is rich in connotation . Whether it's the natural environment , It's still humanistic , Are worth experiencing and experiencing . The solemn Buddha statue in the Phoenix Hall , Free Koi in the pond , Peacocks and black swans on the garden grass , And those lazy turtles . Everywhere , All embody the core Buddhist values that all beings are equal .

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