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We meet in Hawaii travel series  ( XI)

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26、 Hawaii wreath Festival

Legend has it that ,1000 The various indigenous tribes that lived in the Hawaiian Islands many years ago , Often war over territory . Time is long. , People began to hate the sacrifice of jumping off the island , But they are still on guard with each other . There is a counselor to promote the concept of peaceful coexistence , Communication between islands , Run to the tribal leader's account and give advice , Finally agreed on a friendly 、 Help each other 、 equality 、 A feast with the theme of tolerance , All island alliance leaders attending the banquet must wear wreaths to show their sincerity . Since then, , The wreath is like a kind “ Aloha (Aloha)“, It contains many beautiful meanings : welcome , bye , thank , Congratulations, wait . It symbolizes friendship 、 Peace and love .

Hawaii wreath Festival — 5 month 1 Japan

1929 In, the Honolulu local government passed a decree , The official annual 5 month 1 The day is fixed “ Wreath node “(Lei Day). Each island also has its own official wreath : Oahu Island —— Yellow wreath ; Maui Island —— Pink rose rings ; Lovely island —— Violet wreath ; Big island —— Red wreath ; Molokai —— Silver or green wreath ; Lanai —— Orange wreath ; Cahooravi island —— Silver or gray ; Hello island —— White shell wreath ; Molochini island —— Blue wreath . Now , The wreath has become one of the most important cultural heritages in Hawaii , It has passed on for nearly a thousand years , Also Aloha (Aloha) The carrier of spirit .

27、 Sigiriya Lion Rock

Sigiriya Lion Rock , It is located in Yungu ridge of kana Bay in the north of sandalwood . In ancient Hawaiian legend , Volcano goddess Perry and sister namaka of Poseidon , In a battle of love, he petrified his mount in the high mountains of yunguling .

Till today , The stone beast is still crouching and waiting for the volcanic goddess living on the big island . In the eyes of the local people , Cloud Valley ridge is where the gods gather , Deserve the greatest respect and worship , Sacred and inviolable .

Sigiriya Lion Rock crouching lion

Through Chinese farmer straw hat island , On the way to the cultural center of Polynesia , On the left side of the roundabout , Stop in front of a small bar and restaurant , You can clearly see the outline of Lion Rock .

20 century 30-40 years , A small roadside Hotel and restaurant have been built under Lion Rock , And attracted pottery and sculptors to open a shop , Gradually developed into a post station for tourism around the island . But the hotel is now gone , But there are a few more restaurants .

People who like climbing and hiking , You can choose to start at the foot of shiziyan mountain , Follow a hiking trail to the top of Lion Rock . Standing on the lion's head , Overlooking the magnificent sea view of kana Bay , Appreciate the legendary color of yunguling , It has a unique style on earth and heaven .

It should be noted that hiking trails , There are many places where the rock walls are steep and narrow , Only experienced climbers can climb . in addition , Do not move or take away anything on Lion Rock , Otherwise, it will incur the punishment of the goddess ; Don't forget to shake the dirt off your shoes after you go down the mountain .

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