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When I woke up last night

2021-08-31 09:59:49 Life journey

2021 year 8 month 24 Japan   Tuesday     Fine

I had a dream last night , Scared me to shout in my sleep , The husband sleeping next to me quickly woke me up , The situation in the dream really emerges in front of us , I told my husband what I had experienced in my dream in panic , The mood slowly calmed down .

In a dream , My daughter and I went to the airport to prepare for a free trip , The content of the activity is to send us abroad , My daughter has boarded the plane first , And I'm at the airport , And happily with a beautiful 、 The gentle stewardess talked , At first she didn't tell me which country to go to , We talked about taking us to Afghanistan .

My god ! It scared me to death , The weather in Afghanistan changed a week ago , The regime has changed , The Afghan people to avoid war , All try to go abroad , And Kabul airport has been in chaos , A large number of people gathered outside the airport to leave . We're flying to , Is it not that there is no return 、 Throw yourself into the net ?

I was frightened , Suddenly, the spacious and bright airport suddenly turned into a dark prison , The gate is closed , The stewardess also disappeared , And I'm in there alone , My hands are shaking , I'm going to call my daughter to get off the plane , But holding the phone , You can't dial it anyway . My heart was pounding with fear , He shouted his daughter's name . Fortunately, my husband woke me up now , Saved me from my nightmare , Fortunately, it's just a dream , Neither my daughter nor I really went to Afghanistan .

20 Years ago , The United States led its allies to invade Afghanistan in the name of counter-terrorism , Overthrow the Taliban regime . Think that year , America fighter , A swallow makes a lion , It is a pity 20 Over the years , The United States has paid 2400 More than soldiers died and more than 2 The cost of trillions of dollars , In the end, the U.S. troops withdrew in a hurry 、 The outcome of the Taliban regaining power , It's a terrible thing to look back on . Now in such a chaotic Afghanistan , No one wants to go to the cemetery of this empire and suffer from war .

Afghanistan in my dream reminds me of being born in Khaled, Kabul, Afghanistan · Husseini , He is an American doctor and writer . I've read his novels , A profound description of the real society of Afghanistan . As a physician , He is not very famous , As a writer , His novels are all the rage all over the world .《 The kite runner 》 It's his first novel , In this book, from the perspective of the protagonist Amir , Describes the social and political transition in Afghanistan , And bring out the racial discrimination of Sunni Pashtuns against Shiite Hazara .

I read it first 《 The kite runner 》 Look again 《 Brilliant dry sun 》 Of ,《 Splendid thousand suns 》 Again, against the background of the war in Afghanistan , Time and space span 30 years , With delicate and touching strokes, it depicts the struggling women under the old family system in Afghanistan , Their hopes 、 love 、 Dreams and all losses .

Husseini is 《 Splendid thousand suns 》 It shows what Afghan women have to endure for half a century . personal , Be patient with hunger 、 pain 、 The torture of prison . Families have to bear the trauma of war 、 Become destitute and homeless . The country must endure the former Soviet Union 、 The war between the Taliban and the United States . This is a history of patience in Afghanistan .

I think both stories are shocking , Make people think deeply . I think , Nothing can bring such a deep disaster as war . What a deep wound the war has brought , It's full of sadness 、 Hunger and poverty . Lack of food 、 The shortage of drugs 、 The spread of disease 、 Death is everywhere 、 grim 、 Brutality 、 Insidious enemies are frightening ……… These all grow with the war . Can avoid war , It's not easy . The greed and ambition of those who climb to the top of power fuel the war all the time . Civilians who suffered in the war , They can survive , It's very difficult . Peace is precious only to those who have experienced war .

In the war “ There is no farming , There is no smoke in the village , City people eat each other's flesh ”、“ But there are yellow poles and white bones , Uninhabited towns , I haven't seen anyone ”, Hundreds of miles away “ Don't hear the sound of chickens and dogs , But I saw the hungry people dead in the road ”. So the ancients said :“ Better a peace dog , Don't be a rebel ”, Survive in troubled times , What a terrible sight , May die in famine at any time 、 disease 、 In the war .

Human nature often shows its root in the face of disaster , The instinct to survive will make people do crazy things , Make the world more and more turbulent . The peace of the people of the empire that started the war 、 A good life is built on the lives of the people in war-torn countries . When we looked around , We can further dig human nature in war , What we can see is the coexistence of bloody natural laws and human morality .

Our ancestors 、 Father 、 Our generation and our children live in a peaceful motherland , We have never experienced war , Just on TV 、 The book saw the flames of war abroad . We live in this “ People first ” Our great country is undoubtedly happy . If we go to these war-torn countries , It's terrible to think of it .

Remember a few years ago , A friend led a team to Algeria for medical assistance , When the plane stops at the airport , The opposition forces hijacked them . Fortunately, they are medical workers who help this country , Both the government army and the opposition respect Chinese doctors very much , Chinese doctors only save lives , As long as it's people , No matter which side , Will help , It has guaranteed the life safety of the local people , therefore , The opposition let them go . A friend's life is at stake in this country , Experienced the test of life and death , Later, I still had lingering palpitations .

The friend also said that the government army in order to protect their lives , Everyone has a guard , Guard them at any time . On holidays, we meet to shop together 、 Play and so on , These guards followed closely with guns , Although I'm sightseeing , There will be shadows in their hearts . A friend is an optimistic and open-minded person , He often enlightens some teammates who can't think of it , And some foreign aid comrades can't stand this kind of shock and panic , I can't sleep all night , And depression .

Even in a country as peaceful as Algeria, such terrible things have happened , What's more, as a powder magazine in Central Asia 、 Imperial cemetery Afghanistan , Not only the epitaph of imperialism , At the same time, the people of this country are really living in dire straits . These nations that have been bullied and invaded for a long time , Most eager for peace .

Dream of going to Afghanistan , Filled me with fear . Our generation is a happy generation , Never experienced war or famine , however , We don't live in a peaceful age , At the same time, many other countries were ravaged by war , We just live in a great peaceful country . Now the motherland is strong , We are glad to live in our motherland , Thank the motherland , Bring us a beautiful and happy life , May there be no more war in the world , The world is safe , Years static good .

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