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autumn night

2021-08-31 10:13:05 Life journey

Time flies by , In the twinkling of an eye, autumn has been continuous .

Autumn night is very thick , Strong as wine . Emit... In the air , There is an intoxicating smell everywhere .

The difference between autumn night and summer night is , Autumn night is more intoxicated , The summer night is too bright .

So bright that we all like to enjoy the cool and chat in the night 、 Bask in the moonlight and recall the past .

Autumn night is less bright , More quiet .

The night pervaded , The plants began to sleep during the day , The flowers and leaves that bloomed and grew during the day also stopped , Even the grass is very quiet .

Insects in the night , Started their Carnival and Nocturne performance , First mosquitoes , Come out and inquire about the enemy , Fly to someone's place , Make a mark when you see someone , Leave big bags and escape quickly .

Gradually all the insects , All jumped out in the night , Started their chorus , So there are concerts every day in the autumn night , I didn't give up until I was tired of singing at dawn . Only when the cold weather is heavy will they stop singing .

Singers in the dark , Always tirelessly singing the beautiful song of nature , A few moths are dancing under the distant light , Dance with insects .

The picture in the night is so beautiful , There is an intoxicating richness .

After the summer vacation , The autumn wind curls , The heat is fading away , Heaven and earth began to disappear . Years add coolness .

A light rain suddenly came , The neighbor's Peanuts had a good harvest , After a family meal , Taking advantage of the light and happily picking up peanuts in the night .

Outside the door , The neighbor's old cow doesn't go into the house , Whispering with its calf in the night , Occasionally moo , I haven't heard a cow barking for a long time , Suddenly I felt that the night was full of human fireworks .

The rain continues , Patter... Patter , Autumn rain acts as irrigation , The crops enjoyed singing in the rain .

Autumn night likes rain , Can give this autumn rain . Listening to the sound of rain on a rainy night has more charm , The soft thoughts in the night fell like raindrops .

There is no reason for my heart to be hot , Just think of the past as smoke , Every trace becomes a memory , Floating in the boundless night .

There is only the joy of harvest . Autumn is the season of harvest and planting vegetables , The air is full of busyness ,, Fruits, vegetables and rice are ripe .

Most of the plants on the earth began to go bleak , The withering of sight .

Plants also grow and change in autumn night , There are faint shadows day and night .

The autumn moon is high , See the earth , See me and you . Faint clouds , Light wind , In the night sky , In the treetops .

Looking at the moon , Look at the clouds , The silence of the night is like the softness of water . The moonlight is as soft, bright and soft as silk .

Listen to the insects in this moonlight , Sleeping with a cloud . The wind is quiet and the trees are tired , Stars also blink tired eyes in the night .

The solitude of autumn since ancient times , It was replaced by the victory of autumn night over spring Dynasty .

Every season has its beauty , The autumn night is windy , Quiet and peaceful, and the chorus of nature .

Every day is a good day , It is probably composed of this rich tranquility !

I cut the wisps of night into clothes , I treasure pieces of autumn leaves as paintings , More night music into poetry , One by one , One by one , Line by line , Are the most beautiful night, autumn night .

Even if the years are long , Time in a hurry . I have collected these rich, romantic and colorful nights in this autumn , Enough to be silent and happy in the next bleak .

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