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The third day of Jane Book punch in

2021-08-31 10:40:15 Life journey

Punch in again today , If you get used to it, you won't forget . It's still very easy to write a little essay, sentiment and other broken words every day . You can feel it anytime, anywhere , The fragmentary reading of hundreds of words was finished at once . The difficulty is to use your brain to write the layout that needs to be planned , Ups and downs of the plot story .

Every day I write my heart , Write whatever you think , Record the trivia of life , Encounter happy or unpleasant things will share or vent in the pen . Talk to yourself , After venting the bad things , I feel much more comfortable , You can't keep anything in your mind , We should dredge in time , No matter how you do it , In short, we should vent our depression .

People live on earth , No matter how good your attitude is , Will also be more or less affected by the outside world , How can there be such a detached person ? Even the monks and nuns in the temple can hardly be detached . people , All have desires , That's human nature , No one can get rid of .

Nine times out of ten, life is not good , Unhappiness is the norm of life , Everyone's life is the same , There is nothing perfect in the world , There is no saying , Good things in the world are not firm , Colorful clouds are fragile, and colored glass is brittle . When the water is full, it overflows , A month's gain is a loss . Try to look down on yourself , Keep your eyes open , Be open-minded , Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you . There is a definite number of gains and losses in life , All you have is only temporary gain in the world . people , After all, life does not bring , Death does not take , Come naked , Finally, I walked naked , Don't take a cloud away . Everyone comes to this world just for a while , Only some sit for a longer time , Some sit for a shorter time , The end points are the same .

therefore , No need to force , Some things can't be forced , There must always be , Don't ask for anything in your life . Fate is a mysterious thing , It's hard to control , Just let it go . Live happily , Live heartlessly , Always live in the moment .

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