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Prawn blessing, fresh and fresh

2021-08-31 10:40:22 Photography

The weather forecast is quite accurate , It rained almost all day on Friday , It's not small . The temperature dropped to 24 degrees , I dare not open all the windows .

Watch the rain by the window , The little skinned egg shouted, it's cold .“ I feel very comfortable ! Why do you shout cold at home ?”

Listen to me , Little people don't like it ,“ Look at me , Can I not be cold in my vest and shorts ? You're not cold because you have thick skin , Look at your big legs 、 Big arm ……”

Uh …… The signal is bad. Hang up !

“ Mom , Am I your own son ? Why do you pour water for the ball first instead of me first ?”

Look at this little mouth ! Follow who ? The baby who is over two years old and doesn't speak , And now this child who makes boos every day , Is it the same person ?

Didn't you say that my son is my mother's hot pot ?“ It's spicy, spicy and warm , The dip is full , Enjoy yourself ”?“ warm ” Where to put it ? Where to put it ? All of them “ hemp ” and “ spicy ” 了 !

There is another way of saying ,“ My son is my father's skin shrimp , Thick skin and little meat , Peel and prick your hands , The price is too high , It's a pity to throw it away , It feels tasteless , Only everyone can boast that I have big seafood .” Absolutely true !

Big seafood , Big shrimp , I peel ——

There are many dumplings with leek meat filling , Meat is not often wrapped . Black brother bought too many shrimp last time , Only a quarter of a meal , I put three bags in the fridge , Take out a bag of thaw .

It's disgusting to wear disposable gloves , Hands are tolerable , But the smell went straight into my nose ! The two boys don't care , Ran to the kitchen enthusiastically to help , One person takes a toothpick to pick shrimp thread , After all peeling, marinate it with cooking wine .

I chose leeks with my mother a few days ago , My sister-in-law's grandmother planted it , This kind of leek is very thin , It's hard to choose , Mom said a lot of people like this , It's more delicious .

Dumplings are prepared for the evening , At noon, I'll give two greedy cats fried shrimps with leeks , And stewed bean sprouts with minced meat and vermicelli , With rice .

Chop the shrimp , Mix with minced meat , Beat an egg , Just a little leek , A pot of stuffing will come alive !

Mother said that she felt that any dumplings made with a lock of leeks were very fresh , I haven't realized before , Now I think it's really .

Especially cool weather , A quiet and warm little kitchen , The two children are watching cartoons in the living room , No one bothers , One person rolls the skin calmly , Make dumplings .

Cook a pot for the two boys who can't wait . The reason for beating a raw egg , There's not much soup in it , It's not as juicy as pure leek meat , Actually, if I eat , I prefer leek meat filling .

Anyone who can cook knows , The dumplings with leek and eggs are best eaten with raw eggs , It's just not a good bag , Beat an egg bag and some , Beat another egg .

Dabao and Xiaopi say it's delicious, so it's delicious ! Continue to pack , Call and ask where brother Hei is , Count the time , Boil underwater dumplings .

No surprise , Brother Hei was in high spirits and drank a little wine , He has a saying ,“ Dumplings are wine , The more you drink, the more you have ”, Anyway, people who love wine can find out why they want a drink !

What if you don't have food and wine ? Grab a handful of raw peanuts , Take two ham sausages , It's still delicious !

have dined and wined to satiety , The little skinny egg pestered his father to go out to play , Said he promised to go out in the rain and play in the water in the morning. Adults can't cheat children , Well, change your clothes and go !

shut the door , The whole world is quiet .

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