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Life recorder (197) -- autumn quiet language series

2021-08-31 11:14:53 Life journey

Autumn silence (7)- The heart washing Zen temple is in the rain

Since I came to Xixin Zen temple on the evening of November 12 last year to write that little poem , I haven't been to this place for more than nine months .

For me , Life always seems to be a period , I'm always easy to fall into something or emotion in a certain period of time . In life at that time , ideologically , Often it is always that thing or that emotion that leads , Until something happens one day or a small change in reality , I can get out of that state . And when one day you think of that time because of something “ Be obsessed ” when , You suddenly found , At that time, I was so immersed that I didn't know myself .

Xi Xin Zen temple , I came here last year , But just like its name , Just want to wash your heart , Practice Zen . During that time , Almost every day after work, I take a detour to the heart washing Zen , Stay there for a while : Take a walk in the square of Xixin temple , Look at the fish in the river in front of the door , Watching the lotus blossom in the water tank on the square , leaves , result , Or take a look at the people who come to wash their hearts and Zen for a walk , Then he left a little poem and went away , A total of 27 songs have been written . Can only cherish , Last year because of the epidemic , Xixin Zen temple is hardly open at ordinary times , It's rare for me to have a chance to see the Bodhisattvas in this temple and the practice life of monks .

Today, , When I came here again in the morning , The gate of Xixin temple is still closed , There is a notice in front of the door : Epidemic relationship , Suspend all reception activities . And the drizzle that has been with us on our way has now become a real heavy rain . The heavy rain at the moment , It should be the biggest rain since autumn . however , Whether it's an epidemic or something , Or heavy rain , Can't stop people from coming here .

When I first entered the heart washing square , I saw a woman kneeling in front of the closed temple door , She is praying piously . In front of the temple , There are also several people watching the fish in the river in the rain with umbrellas , The lotus in front of the temple is already in full bloom , Naturally, there is no lack of a group photo of a young girl with it , There are also several figures walking with umbrellas in the heart washing square , Wander . Due to the relationship between the rain and the closed gate of the temple , It didn't take long , Those who got up early and felt here finally dispersed , I'm the only one left in front of Xixin Zen temple. I still stay there and don't want to leave .

I stood in front of the temple , Looking at the huge rain in front of me , Listen to the sound of rain falling on all things on the earth , And behind it is such a big temple , There are people who devote themselves to practice . At the moment , Standing alone under the eaves in front of the temple , The peace of mind suddenly surged into my heart . Yes , Some thoughts can only appear on specific occasions .

Tired of standing , I sat down on the stone ridge in front of the temple , Relying on the vermilion door , Then feel all this quietly : Cool breeze , Rain , The big tree beside the temple , Free fish in the river in front of the gate , And the lotus flower in full bloom . everything , It seems so sacred here , So natural and harmonious . At this time, the peace of mind has put aside the secular , Put aside the troubles at work , Put aside the pressure in life , And the deep thinking of the essence of life . Xi Xin Zen temple , That's a wonderful name , But we live in a busy and fast-paced city , A few more people can stop occasionally in the journey of life , Wash your heart , Practice Zen , Enlightenment ?

I think of the last time I came here last year and never came here again after writing that little poem . after , I slowly re integrated into the busy life , And the peace of mind and feelings that came here during that time also quietly left unconsciously . Of course , I never deny that we need to live in reality , Need to work hard , life , I don't agree that big guys practice as hard as monks in temples . otherwise , The social system will not work . But what I want to say is , No matter how busy we are , We all still need to stop occasionally , To find your inner soul , Think about the nature of life . such , So as not to sink into the red dust of life without knowing , When I look back one day, I find that I can't find the interesting soul I once had . Although this occasionally ponders , It may be difficult for us to get the answer , But , In the process of thinking, it will make you more awe of life , Be more open-minded about life , Will also have a more authentic understanding of life .

And in other words , In front of the gods and Bodhisattvas inherited by mankind for thousands of years , We can go straight to the bottom of our hearts . Those who have pious faith in their hearts can appease their souls by relying on the God and Buddha who control the fate of mankind , And people who believe in Science , You can think about the philosophy of life through the gods created by the ancient people in the temple behind you , It's also for yourself “ soul ” Comfort of .

Just like me now , Looking at the rain in front of me , Looking at the huge lotus in full bloom in the rain , Looking at the boundless sky covered by the rain , The heart seems to be infinitely full , It fills the universe , Full of everything , Filled with endless openness . And the god Buddha in the temple behind , in my opinion , It's not just the god Buddha in people's faith , They are more like the spiritual sustenance left to us by hundreds of millions of people in the past thousands of years , It is the profound philosophical thinking of countless people about their own existence and life !

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