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2021-08-31 13:34:14 Life journey

Yu Qiu yuqiu, I'm a student of Qi Fanqi writing camp , We've been through several issues together . Write this article , Based entirely on my impression , No interviews . Because I like the Internet, which seems to have unlimited distance and seems to be very close , Look at other people's words , I have a preconceived impression in my mind .

This impression is very stubborn , So that I don't believe my eyes when I see the truth .

Yu Qiu , Does the name look like a boy ? The hornless little dragon running after Guangming . Like a boy ? I'm probably biased .

The first time I read Yu Qiu's article was 《 I love cherries in my hometown 》, Write vividly , Playful and provocative . This article was selected 《 Local feeling and local charm 》, The description of the article is exquisite , I don't think delicacy is exclusive to women . For example, women cook more , Hotel chefs are mostly men , Well done, with all the color, smell and taste .

Because this article is included in the book to be published , Yuqiu volunteered to learn editing , Help the teacher prepare , Often yell for other people's information in the group , It's really selfless dedication .

The first two phases of the writing camp engaged in hand speed activities , I think Yuqiu wrote... Within the specified time 1700 Multi word brain hole story text , It's amazing , I use phonetic typos , Yuqiu didn't have any typos , The typesetting is refreshing , Deep kung fu .

Yu Qiu's prose is fresh and delicate , The story is full of brain holes . I still remember an ancient story. It's wonderful , Last article 《 Close friends 》 Just on the list , The story twists and turns , Very attractive .

In my impression , This boy is really capable .

I don't know which time , Yuqiu said she was a girl , Everyone was surprised . But I saw Yu Qiu's name and image , I still have boys in my mind , and , I know both words , I don't seem to know you anymore .

Towards the end of the last issue , The teacher asked Yuqiu to share .

Voice , It's actually a female voice ! Female voice ! Although I was prepared , Still a little shocked . she , I'm of no use above “ she ” This word , A pure Mandarin , The sound is as clear as the Ding Dong of spring water , No hurry, no impatience , Extremely comfortable to the ear . Like an announcer , It's really healing .

The key is that her sharing is very organized and practical , Tell her about the process and thinking of reading and writing , It's refreshing , Everyone has collected .

In fact, I heard her say that she was practicing her voice , And also read aloud in the dream reading team in Jianshu , That time she sent me a story she read about me 《 Tutor 》, I feel very strange , I listened to the beautiful voice , Sometimes soothing, sometimes rapid , Actually brought me into terror , It's like listening to a new story , Too wonderful for words .

ok , Yuqiu is a girl .

It's time to start camp , There was a self introduction that day , Yuqiu is actually equipped with photos , She's in the picture , Completely overturned my impression .

What impression do I have of her ? At first I thought it was a boy . In the words , She later wrote about her children , It shows that she is a mother . I thought she had so many hobbies , So actively participate in many activities , It should be a careless girl . A mother with children , Busy again , Rarely make yourself very delicate .

Her picture , She is an exquisite Jiangnan woman .

In the picture , Yuqiu has fair skin , Facial features delicate , Long hair over shoulder , Smile gracefully .

This image is consistent with the sound , It's quite different from my impression , Completely reversed .

Such a little girl insists on writing more on Jane's book , Practice reading aloud , Help prepare for the book , Also learn printmaking , Sure enough, it's the hornless little dragon chasing the light .

Yu Qiu , Nice to meet you , Lucky to meet you . I wrote my impression of you without an interview , Do not blame it. . Please don't forget to share the light you chase when running , That is what many people envy and yearn for .

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