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"Song with the king"

2021-08-31 13:34:16 Photography

      Before I watch a TV play, I always see who the hero and heroine are , How about the plot , The plot moved me , The hero and heroine have CP sense , good , I chose to watch the play .

      It's too high .

      We've got it 30 Collected , Little fish's life experience is unknown , I really want them to know each other , But afraid of their revenge , It's starting to abuse again . The emperor played by teacher Cheng Yi is in place . Calm , calm , Firm , Don't trust anyone , Only believe in small fish , Like little fish , She has been regarded as a relative . I think the third person is the king , He wants to be emperor , But he doesn't argue , He wants the throne of Zhengda Fangming . He knew the identity of the two sisters, but he didn't say , Also using them . And the right phase is what he plays , He's a third person with a good plan .

        Besides Rouge , extremely intelligent , witty , She knows everything , She's a good person. , If you know grandpa's death, you have difficulties , Maybe she won't take revenge . I'm still looking forward to meeting them . 

        Cheng Xi is so confused , selfish , Do you think you'll be better when you're Emperor , Will only die faster . We must unite to honor the eunuch , He is good at martial arts , Have military power and power , You still have to think more about him .

        Expect them to meet , Defeat the eunuch , Return to normal life , All is well , the country is prosperous and the people are at peace .

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