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Your side face is the review of my life

2021-08-31 14:29:45 Life journey

I collect stars at night

Just to light up the eyes of missing

The moonlight paves the way

Run the nib

Depicting those throbbing strings

The crescent is crooked

Stitching the crack face of years

The night is fading

The placenta pregnant with emotion

The coal lamp is dim

Outline a kind face

lingering sentiments

Licking the baby's peaceful face

Calluses in one hand

Scrubbing the hardships of life

A ladle of moonlight

Fishing for some long lost space

Bubbling streams , Time flies

Infatuated spray

Still looking for the stubborn face of the past

The ship of memory ran aground by the river in March

Westward declines the sun

Nostalgia lingers in the afterglow

A sad song

The melody lingers in my ears

The beat of willow twigs is wound into soft whips

That's the last picture of you kissing goodbye

The stars light

Warblers and insects stay in the post station of missing

Colorful lotus

A green umbrella holds up lotus root silk again and again

If tears fill the glass

The flood of love debt will overflow the harbor for the night

White gauze wrapped in black peristalsis

The first quarter moon gives birth to half the hazy

I look back all my life

Staring at your side face

Leave a thick Memorial on the title page of early autumn

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