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Noble soul and humble desire

2021-08-31 15:16:28 Life journey

All things in the world are complementary , There was no fairness .

The same is true between people , The only equality is pain .

Whether high or low , Regardless of the origin of compassion , Everyone has the same taste of pain .

Just as no one can see the back of the towering god elephant , No one can see if there is the same vulnerability and helplessness behind prosperity and glory . But it's objective , Or a fait accompli , Only God can see .

When all living matter is no longer , The soul becomes the only living signal in the universe that can be transmitted and distinguished , Rise and fall with the moon , Follow the stars . Even if the soul is so elusive , But there are still noble and despicable .

Only those who can always stick to their faith in life , When the humble life comes to an end , It is possible to keep the spark of thought and the essence of soul in the world . But throughout the ages, the confusion about human goodness and human evil still cruelly entangles generation after generation of ordinary people .

I remember Beidao's poem is written like this ,“ Despicable is the pass of the despicable , Noble is the epitaph of noble ”. And stay “ Night gives me black eyes , I use it to find light ” But Gu Cheng changed it into ——“ Nobility is the pass of the despicable , Despicability is the epitaph of the noble ”.

In a sense , It also shows the ugliness of human nature , It's for poets “ I don't believe the sky is blue , Don't believe Ray's echo , I don't believe that dreams are false ” Best echo .

Although unwilling to believe that despicability is actually shared by human nature , But I am convinced that nobility is indeed a kind of contingency . Some people say “ When the law of existence is consistent with the dignity of the soul , You can't see meanness …… And noble character , In an era when the law of existence is inconsistent with the dignity of the soul , It can be exchanged for a solemn and stirring epitaph ”. So I would rather stick to and take care of a noble soul all my life , Pursue a humble wish with all your efforts . Because there is an essential difference between meanness and meanness . There has never been a humble life , Only despicable human nature . I despise meanness , But respect and humble .

I was humble , Because of humble and cautious , Because people are quiet . But because of a lofty heart and a noble and refined soul , Become proud and awe inspiring .

“ When the world thinks you can't love , But still love ”, Originally contracted and repressed life , Because of a chance , Stretch out completely at a certain moment 、 Let it go , This process is a process of growth . Behind the extremely humble repression , In fact, it is strong self-esteem and arrogance . Sometimes I think , If someone is willing to enter my spiritual world and emotional Kingdom , Appreciate every secret word of my heart , Find all the code I can't crack , Read my every wish and every article , I will shed tears of gratitude , Kneel to the ground .

Perhaps this is a noble soul and dream , The most humble wish in the secular reality .

Ambitious , But plain behavior ; The soul is noble , But the desire is humble . In fact, living is a tired word . Love is also tired , Hate is also tired . Noble is also tired , Humble and tired . Struggle is also tired , Mediocrity is also tired . It's tiring to deal with , Giving up is also tired . Cherish is also tired , Indifference is also tired . Proud and tired , Frustrated and tired . Love is also tired , Heartless and tired . So I know that there is no big secret , There is no obligation to be kind and righteous to the whole world .

If it's really something you've been trying to hide , It's a pain that you can't even face , Then keep silent forever .

Because there is only one truth , There is only one choice .

Ruthless , Ruthlessness is sometimes better than affection . Have feelings , Feeling deeper and more ruthless .

Then smile at life , With a humble heart , Treat life with a grateful heart .

This is another realm .

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