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Mysterious package

2021-08-31 15:17:43 Life journey

yesterday , I received a mysterious package . After opening , A putrid smell came , I immediately threw it away . Who knows, it was sent by my sister . Because this package , There was almost a rift between my sister and me .

yesterday , I somehow received a package . I asked my family , Everyone says they haven't bought anything recently . I read the personal information on the express list again , Confirmation is my no doubt .

I opened the outer package curiously , A putrid smell came to my nose . What comes into view are green balls , It's about the size of an orange , It feels hard .

I've never seen anything like this , I don't know who sent it .

I checked the delivery list carefully , It's just my personal information , There is no other useful information .

Few people know my address , I think I can check one by one .

I took a picture of something , Send them to those people who may send me things , Nothing else .

I checked against the smell , A box of things is almost rotten . I'll just put the box at the door , Let your husband throw it in the trash when he comes downstairs .

At this time , There are more and more information replies . They asked me what it was . I conclude that , Someone else sent it .

Check all the way , Finally, only my sister didn't reply to me . I guess it's her .

I'll call , Ask my sister if she sent me anything .

My sister said :“ That's the fresh walnut I sent you .”

“ It's so hot , It's all rotten ! I want to know in advance that I won't let you send .”

“ Decay is no problem , It won't affect the walnut inside . The skin was meant to be removed , Rotten but easier to remove .” My sister explained .

“ But it smells terrible , I thought I couldn't have it if it was bad , Your brother-in-law has thrown it away .” I have some dislike .

My sister is a little angry :“ Why don't you ask me first , Just throw things around on your own ? What a waste !”

“ I don't know ? Who told you not to tell me before you bought it .” I show no weakness .

Sister, in order not to waste , Let me pick it up in the trash can .

I don't want to , My sister is unhappy , Hang up the phone .

When you go out for a walk at night , I accidentally found that the box of walnuts was still lying quietly at the door , It seems that my husband forgot to take it downstairs .

I hesitated for a moment , Pick up those walnuts again , Start removing the skin of walnuts .

Some skins are easy to clean , Peel off quickly with a peeler ; Others are hard to clean up , I tried several times , The skin is tightly attached to the walnut core . The skin is hard , The force is too small to go , It's hard , I peeled my hand carelessly .

The damage on the hand is burning . I endured the pain and worked for more than an hour to remove most of the walnut peel . The rest I find troublesome , Throw the skin together .

I looked at my hands dyed yellow brown , A little complaining about my sister without my consent , Just give me a box of such things .

I picked up the peeled walnuts , Look at the hard shell , A little worried about how to eat the pulp inside .

I call my sister , Tell her most of the walnuts are left , I threw away the others that were hard to peel .

My sister said discontentedly :“ Seriously, you didn't pay for it , You don't care !”

“ For these rotten walnuts , I spent more than an hour peeling , Not only tired back pain , And broke my hands .” I have some grievances , I really don't think it's worth it .

“ Walnut brain and intelligence , And raw walnuts are better , It's still worth it .” Sister, listen to me , Changed his breath .

“ This shell is so thick , How to get rid of it ?”

“ You put two walnuts together , Squeeze hard , The shell opened . If it doesn't work , Just break the shell . The pulp inside can't be eaten directly , The yellow film has to be removed .” My sister said .

I broke my shell the way my sister said , But my hands are red , The walnut shell didn't even crack .

I had to put the walnuts on the ground , Smash with a hammer . The walnut shell was smashed open , The floor tiles were also cracked !

Look at the broken floor tiles , I really want to cry without tears .

I peel off the walnut shell , Sure enough, I saw a thin film wrapped around the white pulp . That film is not easy to remove , Have to be patient and clean up a little .

Finally clean a piece of walnut , My son and I tasted a little .

As soon as the son ate it, he spit it out , And kept shouting that it was awful !

I don't think it's delicious , Compared with cooked walnuts , The taste is far from good .

I complained to my sister , This walnut is troublesome and bad to eat , My sister is very unhappy .

Looking at that small basin, I spent nine cattle and two tigers to remove the raw walnuts , I'm not happy either .

Through this matter , I realize :

1、 What you want , Not necessarily to others .

The master said :“ What you don't want , Do not to others .” In other words, don't impose what you don't like on others , So do you have to impose what you like on others ? no ! Everyone's preferences are different , What you like doesn't mean that others like . My sister likes to eat raw walnuts , Without saying hello, he bought a box for us , In fact, we don't like eating at all .

2、 When giving gifts, you should give others what they need and like .

People associate with people , By giving gifts, you can enhance your feelings , Promote relationships . But if the other party doesn't need or like the gift , It's not worth the trouble .

If you are close to each other , You can directly ask the other party if they need , Then decide whether to send it or not ; If you are not familiar with each other , Don't rush to give gifts , Otherwise, flattery may get on the horse's legs , Run counter to one's desire .

3、 Don't bring trouble to the other party .

Like my sister gave me this box of fresh walnuts , Peel 、 Shelling 、 Film removal , To eat nuts , Added a lot of unnecessary trouble to me , Such a gift is doomed to be unwelcome . So it's better to send paper walnut or walnut kernel .

4、 If it's food , Try to send big brands , So the quality is guaranteed .

What you eat is about food safety , Be careful . If it's by mail , It's best to talk to each other in advance , Otherwise, people will not dare to eat any food they receive .

All in all , Sending me walnuts through my sister finally made us both unhappy , I know gift giving is also exquisite , Can't get one's way .

friend , About giving gifts , What do you think ? Have you ever encountered anything embarrassing when giving or receiving gifts ? Welcome to leave a message .

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