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Alone but not alone

2021-08-31 15:17:45 Photographic travel works


    Close to the green fields , Overlooking mountains and rivers, blue sky and white clouds , Vast grassland , The open sea , Especially when you can see the horizon , Immerse yourself in nature , Listen , The wind blows and the grass leaves rustle , listen , Lin Tao, the sound of the sea , Really enjoy the wonderful beauty .

    Flowers speak, grass speaks , What you say is what you love to hear 、 Pleasant to the ear . They never refute or destroy , Whether you have money or not , How about your appearance , Position level , They are all friendly , Always smile , Nodding frequently ……

  As long as you don't miss the season , They'll all be there , Wait faithfully . Whether you come or not , She has no regrets .

    Some people say “ More lingering with flowers and plants , Less entanglement with personnel ”, The original reason is here .

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