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I am 25 years old this year, which is the golden age of my life

2021-08-31 15:32:02 Photography

    I like Wang Xiaobo very much ≪ The golden age ≫ A sentence in it ,“ That year I 21 year , In the golden age of my life , I have a lot of extravagant hopes . I want to love , Want to eat , I also want to be a half bright and half dark cloud in the sky in a moment , I found out later , Life is a slow beating process .”

  Later I knew , It's easy to enjoy happiness , The difficulty is , Endure and accept the pain and disappointments in life , This is what you need to do most of your life . It's like you've planned a long trip , The sudden overtime of the company , Let you return your ticket , Miss a place you want to go for a long time , It's really hard to find another chance next time . Another example is the division of Arts and Science in high school , You chose the liberal arts you don't like , As a result, I didn't choose my favorite major in high school for three years or even in College . Or you want to be a soldier , But I always lack some courage , I always hear the voice of people around me , For example, you may lose something by this choice , As time goes by , If you want to do it again, you have no chance .

  These disappointments , Helplessness and bitterness , That's most of the things in life ,20 To 30 Between the ages of , It's really a person's golden age , Some people , Keep traveling , Go to see more , Finally became a travel photographer , Opened a home stay ; Some people , Examination system , Career editor , Finally, I had a safe life in a small city ; And some people , Always regretting the past , Both look down on civil servants , This kind of salary is not much , restrictions and fetters , A test of oral effort , I feel like getting up early and getting dark , The technical post of continuous research is too hard , So I spent a lot of time .

  I always thought , When you don't know what to do , Just study , Whatever you learn , Whether or not these things seem to be of use at the moment . Just hold the right attitude , No matter which way you go , It's better than standing where you are , Be close to happiness .

  What the world fears most is activism , As the saying goes , If you don't like this country , Just take the civil service exam , If you don't like this society , Just try to change him , What we can grasp most is the present . Many people in high school , I don't know whether I really like liberal arts or science , But what we can do , Is to try to learn every subject well , After careful understanding , Let's talk about options , It will greatly reduce the cost of trial and error .

  I have a schoolsister , When I was in college, I chose a good accounting major , In the process of learning, I found that I had no interest in these , But I found that I have a strong interest in programming , So she began to teach herself programming , Graduate students are guaranteed to graduate in Management , She never gave up self-taught programming , Finally, after graduation, I engaged in my favorite industry , Doing programming in a well-known network company , A year later , Another successful job hopping , Double your salary . As one of the people I admire most , Her experience has made me more aware of the truth that man-made things .

  There is a saying between Heidi and grandpa “ If there's one thing that makes you happy , Then just do it , Don't mind what others say ”, someone 20 At the age of CEO, Some people have just decided to leave their jobs to take the postgraduate entrance examination , Everyone's life has its own rhythm , Life is just a few decades , We can do it , Is to bloom with all your strength , Have fun .

  Everyone should take my own golden age , Keep becoming the person you like !

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