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2021-08-31 15:32:07 Photography

        Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday , I haven't seen you for almost two years , Nearly 9000 kilometers apart , I've been hanging on in my heart 、 Think about what you can share for them . How time flies , In Horqin prairie, Inner Mongolia , I was born in Southwest Hospital of Chongqing Military Medical University “ one-inch ”, Now it's nearly years old 、 Already the mother of two children .

      When our daughter was born, we were still in the new management office of the railway Army , Horqin grassland in Inner Mongolia, located in Northeast China . Give birth to a daughter less than 10 God , I went back to work , In less than two months, my wife was in tears , Weaning leaves the child to grandparents . This separation is nearly a year , All the dreams 、 be very worried about , It can only be sent by letter , Inner suffering is only self-knowledge . Transferred back to Western Sichuan military industrial enterprises, but not in Chongqing , nearly 400 Kilometers away from Chengdu and Chongqing 、 Saturday work is always overtime , Visiting your daughter can only steal time , Stay up late on the green train . daughter 3 year —5 At the age of , We can't stand the pain of separation , Take the children back from their grandparents , Two years are fleeting , Just close to the appropriate emotion , And because my daughter is old enough to go to preschool , Go to school with my grandparents , Become the best choice for comprehensive consideration . Later, my daughter repeatedly asked us , The parents of other people's children are around , Why are you so cruel to let me go ? Ask questions like this , Let us shake our hearts 、 Head confused . Yeah , Why should we bear the pain to give up 、 Why should we be cruel to separate 、 Why do you want to do this or that ? We always thought that was the case , Is to let children have a better growth environment 、 Better learning conditions ; We also need to endure inner suffering , Make more self sacrifice . At that time we , The living environment is not as independent and diverse as it is now , Ideas are not as open and modern as they are now , Where do you know so much about children's psychology and educational ideas ? Who is not to create better material conditions , As the first choice for training and educating children ? But my wife and I have always been intoxicated with our children's understanding 、 There is promise , When we chose wisely , Already independent 、 Independent daughter , A sudden doubt , It stunned us 、 At a loss , Let us suddenly have a serious sense of frustration . It's my daughter's heresy to begin to tangle 、 Or we really made the wrong choice ?

      After the daughter gets married and has children , We went to them , Guarding the birth and growth of two grandchildren , And I'm sorry for my daughter , I hope to give their children a little more of our consideration and care . The sudden COVID-19 has been going on for almost two years , We and our daughter have to live apart , Daughters who have no support , Provoked both busy work 、 And take care of the children and take care of the burden of the family , The communication with us is becoming more and more warm and appropriate . In our hearts , My daughter is always the one who knows the book and is polite 、 Eager to learn and improve 、 Kind and quiet good boy , Always thinking 、 A good girl who cares about the old man , It's always the one who has something to carry , People who don't cause trouble to others .

        Wish your daughter a healthy and happy birthday !

( The illustration of this article is taken with my daughter in Cairns, Australia )

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