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My memories (51)

2021-08-31 15:34:35 Life journey

1985 Year around 10 month , I bought a book called 《 Respiratory diseases 》 Medical college student examination book , A thin book , See such a term above :“ It's hard to breathe in ”. For many years , The first symptom I tell doctors is always :“ Chest tightness , Difficulty in breathing ”. It turns out that this is not accurate , This is too general , Only :“ It's hard to breathe in ” this 4 A word can reflect my symptoms . I've had trouble breathing in for years , Can't do a deep breath , It feels like I can't get in when I'm old ; And the exhalation is not obstructed at all . Only simple “ It's hard to breathe in ” Is my most refined and accurate symptom . Nothing else needs to be considered , What insomnia , It's all caused by this , If you don't have difficulty inhaling, you won't have insomnia ?

I immediately decided to write this book ~ Respiratory experts from Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Second Medical College wrote a letter . He wrote back to you soon , I said it could be upper airway inflammation , It should be chronic , There may be lumps or polyps , Tracheoscopy and flow volume diagram should be done .

I checked some information , The upper airway is the mouth and throat . So I went to the throat department of the county people's Hospital and asked how to do tracheoscopy , The doctor pointed to the thick lamp post , Say the tracheoscope is so thick , Tie you up first , Thrust it into your throat , You made an insurance policy. You don't want to do it again in your life . You don't ? If you like, I'll call some people to help . He said unless you got peanuts or something in your windpipe , When I was dying, I did tracheoscopy . I went to the laryngology department of several major hospitals in Sanjiang city , Some doctors are as like as two peas , Some falter . I've heard of something “ Fiberoptic bronchoscope ”, There is no in Sanjiang city .

Then I bought another one 《 Otorhinolaryngology 》, In this book , I find that my symptoms are related to “ Throat obstruction ” There are striking similarities , It's just “ Hoarseness ” I can't hear it myself , Besides “ Triple concavity ” The specific situation is not very clear .

I also wrote to experts in Shanghai , They wrote back saying , Tracheoscopy is generally safe , By the way, I revised the last letter about “ tumor ” That's what I'm saying , Because the course of disease has been so many years , New creatures are unlikely . Chronic inflammation and benign rest may be greater .

Ah , It's too far from Shanghai , Or I'll go to a respiratory specialist immediately . But I'm still secretly going to the provincial capital hospital .

1986 Years of marriage , And had a daughter . In the second half of the year, I was transferred to the next teaching point , Dozens of children , Three classes ,4 A teacher . The female director and I take the third grade , The other two each take a class . Until 1987 Spring of the year , In the past two semesters, the female leader took the first place in the final math exam , The Chinese I brought ended twice . The female director has an affair with the film director , Well, someone wants to fix me , It's all within reason .

I tried my best to get a certificate of teaching materials and methods in middle school , But people say I don't have a diploma , It's impossible to get into middle school , I've been very upset . Suddenly one day I saw a new spirit in the provincial education period , It is said that middle school teachers can pass the culture examination ,7 Passing all subjects is equivalent to obtaining a college diploma . I want Fang to ask the headmaster of Bashan middle school to help me apply for the exam , He helped . So I found information and prepared it every day . Want to fight a turnaround .

87 year 6 month , I'm waiting for the news of the culture exam , It is said to take the exam as soon as the summer vacation , As a result, another message came : Go to the County Bureau of culture and education to change the application form , I can't apply for the middle school culture examination in primary school . damn it , I don't want you to take the exam , If you don't want to take the exam, ask him to take the exam !

After going to the County Education Bureau to change the form , Suddenly I saw “ Admissions office ” There are a lot of people in it , Li Gan, the former principal of Bashan middle school, has been transferred here as “ Recruit ” The director of the , I'll just drop in and have a look . Oh , What's the offer “ Self study exam ”? I asked director Li Gan whether this exam was a degree ? count , Still College , A very good junior college , I'm afraid you won't pass the exam . Chinese major , To test 11 Families, ! I was discouraged , Too many subjects . What is the “ logic ”, What is it? ? I still applied for the exam ,《 Selected readings of ancient literary works ( Next )》,《 logic 》, The registration fee is only... Per subject 2 Yuan .

I have no experience , Look for books at random , not so bad 《 logic 》 There is a standard textbook . result 10 month , I'm still a big success , First battle : Ancient literature ( Next )71 branch , logic 84 branch . Except for logic, I'm a little afraid , Other subjects are not under my words , I know I'm sure I'll get this college diploma .

1987 In the autumn , I came to Balipu Village Primary School in Balipu Township . Yao pingui is the headmaster of the village here . Less than two weeks here , The title I've been worried about has been approved ,“ Primary education level 1 ”, The salary went up ,98 element , The people who study normal school with me have a higher salary , They have nothing but 80 Multiple blocks . Later, Zhou Xingbang came here to check , To my face, they said they did it for me “ Class A ” And helped , Is this true or false ? I don't believe it .

Now go back and write 1987 The summer vacation is coming to an end , namely 9 month 1 A few days before school on the th , I had hoped to see a doctor in the provincial capital for a long time, and finally made the trip . I went with my normal classmate's brother , He is a student at the medical university there .

Never been far away , It's fresh . We got on the boat at the Sanjiang wharf across the river and went upstream , To start our trip . After a flute , The deck of the ship vibrated gently and evenly , The anchor is broken . The boat reached the center of the rolling river , Just appreciate what the vast river water is like . I used to cross the river by ferry , The midstream time is too short , And now this vertical , Always standing still in the middle of the river , It feels completely different , The Yangtze River gives the impression that it is forever surging , be a trend which cannot be halted ! Now? , White gulls soar in the river air , Staggered rise and fall ; The setting sun is like blood , Inside and outside the Yinghong River , Reflecting the happy faces on the railing . A pair of young men and women embrace each other and let the cool river wind blow their hair , Blow your clothes , Blow away all troubles and sadness . For a while , The setting sun sank to the bottom of the river , Then the ship became dark ; The navigation aids on the river are thrown back one by one like fireflies . On the left side of the river, an extremely high mountain suddenly appeared, like a giant beast, trying to rush into the heart of the river , I was shocked , Hurried into the cabin , Rented a blanket and lay down between the sleepers . I can't sleep anyway , The machine was blowing gently all the way to the dawn .

After a sleepless night , The next morning I reached the provincial capital hundreds of miles away . Soon , As soon as the ship landed , The college student and I took a bus all the way to their school .

the second day , I was taken by college students to the Affiliated Hospital of their school , The famous Peace Hospital , He went back to class . I found the professor of respiratory medicine to see . He knows all my complaints , The symptoms were recorded , Draw up a plan :1, Lung function ;2, Blood gas analysis ;3, Laryngeal examination .

Pulmonary function test , Just blow a few breaths into the leather tube , Then this image appears in the computer , Then pull out a long note of data . however 5 minute .“ Lung function is normal ”, The doctor wrote .

Blood gas analysis , Is to draw a tube of bright red arterial blood at the root of the thigh , Take this to check . Said the instrument was broken , The result is to come and get it tomorrow . Finally, there is “ normal ”.

These two checks are over , All I have left in my pocket is 20 Yuan . Ignore many , Go to the laryngology department and ask . Finally, it's my turn , The young doctor made me open my mouth “ ah ” How many times , Forget it , His horse way :“ No abnormality is found in the upper part of the airway , The lower part cannot be seen clearly , It is recommended to go to the medical department for examination .” I asked the fiberoptic bronchoscope how to do , He said the bronchoscope was broken . I heard , Vico fiberscope examination fee 35 element . I have enough money anyway . later , get home .

The second day I came back from the provincial capital 3 God ,9 month 2 I came to work in Balipu village on the th .

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