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August notes

2021-08-31 15:53:17 Photography

Time always flies , Let me spend it while lamenting and wasting , I still remember when I first came to Zhangjiajie, Hunan two years ago , Everything here is full of freshness , Those exciting and joyful scenes are still fresh in my mind , But I never thought time passed so fast , In the twinkling of an eye, it was the third August I spent here .

Think about when you first started , We are catching up with the major construction stage of the project , Get up at six thirty every morning , Rest for an hour and a half at noon , I leave work at seven in the evening , At that time, I felt very hard , Day by day , Like a programmer in a big city , But I feel very full , The goal of life is also very clear . Now in retrospect , Those who live a full life every day , What a happy thing to have your own direction .

In recent days , In the morning, I was always awakened by a chicken cry outside the window , No more sleepiness , My mind is full of what happened in August , I especially want to write some content but relaxed topics , I want to use simple words to record the trivia of this August , After a while, I'll look back at these daily things at home , It is also a small beauty in simple life .7 month 30 On the day of the th , Go out on business with colleagues , When I took the bus, I found that there were only a few people on the crowded bus in the past , And everyone is standing , Didn't sit in the seat , At that moment, I suddenly realized the seriousness of the epidemic situation . Come back to the project department , Everyone's wearing masks , There are several construction team personnel in the office area , Everyone is discussing the epidemic situation in Zhangjiajie .31 No. I'm going to mail the information , When placing an order on wechat, I found that I couldn't place an order , When I asked, I knew that all express services in Cili County were shut down .8 month 1 The start , Shops in the county were informed to close , evening , That is to say 2 Road traffic control began in the early morning of the th , All non special vehicles are restricted , All personnel in the county do not go out at home , Conduct closed management , And all personnel shall be tested for nucleic acid in batches .4 News No. 1 said that an infected person was found in Cili County 1 example , The health code of several colleagues changed from green to yellow , Tell the truth , I never thought the epidemic would come so suddenly , Still so close , It's a surprise , Over the next few days , Everyone in the project department is arranged to do nucleic acid testing . I vaguely remember the day when I went to do nucleic acid test , A red sun is slowly falling in the West , The setting sun emits thousands of rays , The glow fell on the silent street , The road is shining brightly , Walking in the middle of the street , Everywhere quiet, I can only hear the birds singing in the trees , I picked up my cell phone and took pictures , While lamenting the beauty of the sunset . Also in my spare time , I still don't give up reading ,5 After reading Mr. Yang Jiang's on the th 《 We sa 》, Moved , Deeply fascinated by Mr. Yang Jiang's simple and concise words ,“ The three of us became me , Those family joys clearly happened yesterday , The toothbrush lying quietly on the washstand , There are still their favorite dishes in the fridge , The three of us used to play on the sofa , The calligraphy in the study is still wet , Calling your name but no one answered , It seems that you were far away before , I am here waiting for your return .” These seemingly simple and unmodified words have strong expressiveness , It's touching , Write down the first letter to my father in my short life .

7 Number , That is, the day of the beginning of autumn , After the rain, the wind in the evening is very gentle , The summer heat once disappeared , I sat on the balcony with a chair and began to read 80 The representative works of the post writer Anning “ The country trilogy ” One of the 《 Country people 》, Peaceful writing style is quite old-fashioned , The book tells the story of what happened between small rural people , It seems that there is no secret between people . This camera style of writing is very novel , It seems to give people a sense of homeliness , In fact, through their stories , It reflects the author's thinking about life and human nature . Although Zhao Shuli also writes rural theme works , But Annie's 《 Our disappearing country life 》、《 Plants forgotten in the countryside 》、《 Visit relatives 》 And so on, but with Zhao Shuli 《 Xiaoerhei gets married 》、《 Rhymes of Li Youcai 》、《 The change of Lijiazhuang 》、《 Fugui 》 There are great differences in the times , Works on the theme of tranquility are like a key , For people to get rid of the noise of the world , Unseal the purity and tranquility at the bottom of my heart , Completely different from Zhao Shuli's rural story characterization , And the story has a strong sense of substitution , Let me be 90 After that, I seem to have an illusion of personal experience .

14 No. Tanabata Festival , Because I accidentally fell when I went up the stairs , The knee is stuck bald , But it's not serious , Can walk normally . Video chat with friends in the evening , Inadvertently talked about 90 Young people's view of love , I can't help thinking of Zhang Xianliang's novel 《 Spirit and flesh 》 film adaptation 《 These horsemen 》. Tell the truth , See 《 These horsemen 》 The name , In my mind, a group of people put horses on the vast grassland . A word of “ feed , Old Xu , You want a wife not to ? As long as you open the golden mouth , I'll bring it to you later .”“ Then send it !” This is the dialogue in the movie version . Compared with novels , The film left a deep impression on people , It also gives people more room for imagination , Let me have an impulse to read a novel again with movie characters . The movie 《 These horsemen 》 After the show , There is also a saying circulating on the Internet “ Married husband is not necessarily Xu Lingjun , You must marry Li Xiuzhi .” People can't help admiring the love at that time , Like Gu Xiaojie 、 Li Yuanjie's songs 《 Drunk for a thousand years 》 It's the same as in :“ Just one look at you , Has been determined forever , At that time, cars and horses were slow , Life is enough to love one person .”

17 After watching the movie on the evening of the th 《 I want us to be together 》, A fellow Engineer , My biggest feeling is that it's not easy for male leader LV Qinyang , He hoped Ling Yiyao would be happy , I hope she can live a decent life , So try to make money , But he was cheated out of all his money , Even in debt , End, “ disappear ” During the measurement of heavy snow . The men and women in the film do their best to work together , Finally, it failed to change the outcome of the breakup , There is no third party between them , It's not that I don't love anymore , Just for a very realistic reason “ money ”. The end of the film , Listening to the finale, I was lost in thought , There are so many people in the world , How lucky two people are , Can meet in a crowd .

Today, I picked up my pen and found that I have seldom worked hard on the article recently , It's not that there's nothing to write , I just feel that my clumsy pen can't write better things , I don't have much leisure and energy to spend on writing , The day in Jane's book has been interrupted for a week . During this period , Stay at home , In addition to handling daily work and sorting out reading notes , Daily thinking and accumulation have never stopped , Keep a diary as usual , But I always feel that something is missing . This osmanthus blossom season , It doesn't seem beautiful , In fact, I have gained a lot , Sure enough, on the road of life “ Forward ” These two words , Progress is the accumulation of steps , It's also a process of growth , It is the only way to make progress .

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