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                  I think there are some problems that should be paid attention to in macro photography of insects, flowers and plants

Macro shot , It can give us insight into the micro world that we can't see at ordinary times , Appreciate another kind of beauty and wonderful .

I like macro shooting , Like the fun of life . More than 10 years. , For various reasons , I always use Pentax scarlet letter Baiwei , Three years ago, an extended range mirror was added , Let the focus reach 180, So I can go further “ Catch ” The bug patted the flower . The equipment is a little old , But the effect is good .

Photographing macro scenes is a very hard job , Don't have the patience 、 Not careful 、 It's impossible not to seize the opportunity . To make a good macro work , My experience is that we should pay attention to solving several key problems .

One is sensitivity . The macro sensitivity should not be too high , Otherwise, the fine details of flowers, grass and insects will lose the image quality . But the sensitivity is low , The aperture is about to increase , The shutter speed needs to be accelerated , aperture 、 The change of shutter speed will affect the depth of field . To balance these contradictions , My experience is to maintain basic illumination , The sensitivity is 400 following ( Today's digital cameras have a good sense of height , According to your own camera ). If natural light is OK , You don't have to brighten the scene ; Natural light is too dark , You have to use lights ( Like the lights at home 、 Scene light 、 Flash, etc ) Add ; If natural light is too strong , You have to increase the exposure compensation, etc . In general , Don't use flash , Otherwise, the pieces will become white . Of course , Under special circumstances , Such as clapping 、 Capture of important scenes , To seize the opportunity , You have to turn up the sensitivity , Put the picture quality in a secondary position .

Second, focus . Macro focus is difficult , It takes a lot of time and people . This requires a stable tripod 、 Shutter cord and other tools . Sometimes I don't bring these , Just hold the camera and shoot , Too many shots , Hands are much more stable . Of course, I can't help shaking my hands , Just press the shutter 、 The heartbeat will produce camera jitter , So try not to shoot with your hand . Choose a good focus for macro shooting , Where are you going to show , Focus on which position , Just focus there . The image at the focus must be clear , If it is blurred, it will fail . Outdoor shooting in the wind , Even a little natural wind , Will affect the accuracy of focusing , There is no wind, but the insects are moving all the time , It also affects the precision of focusing . therefore , Under the condition of ensuring image quality , Shooting must be steady and fast .

As for auto focus or manual focus , It depends . Many people advocate manual focusing for macro shooting , This is more accurate . I have this experience , Autofocus sometimes fools me , Right , Manual focus won't deceive me . But it's hard to focus manually , Low probability of success . So in most cases, I still take auto focus . Macro shot , If the focus is right , The shutter speed keeps up , All the films can be seen .

The third is aperture and depth of field . The aperture is too large , The depth of field is 㳀, But it is difficult to clearly show more parts of flowers, plants and insects , The film is rather empty ; The aperture is too small , The depth of field is deeper , But the shooting speed will decrease , Pieces are easy to blur . It depends on the purpose of shooting . If you just want to show one of them , Like the stamens of flowers and the eyes of insects , The aperture can be larger , Except for stamens and eyes , Other parts can be blurred and imaginary ; If you want to show all the flowers, plants and insects , The depth of field should be deep , Then the aperture should be small , And it's best to keep the subject in a focal plane .

Fourth, aperture and shutter speed . It's a contradiction . The aperture changes from large to small , The speed will change from fast to slow . In ensuring a safe shutter speed ( The reciprocal of the focal length ) Under the circumstances , When the subject doesn't move , The aperture can be smaller . Outdoor photography of flowers, plants and insects , It's better to give priority to speed . Exposure faster , The chances of success are higher . Indoor still life , As long as it is stable , Slow down, it doesn't matter , Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to expose .

Fifth, the choice of shooting time . Shoot flowers 、 insect , It's best not to choose when the sun is strong at noon . Because the light is not too strong , It's just that the light and dark contrast is too large , It's hard to grasp , Flowers and plants are not watery , Insects also run fast . Of course, it can not be generalized , When the sun is direct , Shoot parallel or slightly upward , The picture of sunlight passing through flowers or insects is very beautiful . Morning or evening is a better shooting time , The side light makes the flowers, plants and insects dazzling , The dew in the morning also adds to the aura of the flowers , Insects don't move very much and are good . It's better to shoot on cloudy days , The light is soft , The details of the picture will be more fully expressed . The choice of time doesn't have to be too rigid , According to the purpose of shooting 、 Content 、 object 、 The place is decided .

  There are other compositions 、 Pixels and many other problems , Not here . The above is only personal view , Not all of them are right .

Micro photography of bitter and happy things , Gain and loss are self aware . If you feel happy during the shooting , Get pictures you think are good , That's enough .

                            Written in 2021 year 8 month 25 Japan

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