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The person who keeps a diary is the most worthless person

2021-08-31 16:02:22 Life journey

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It seems that there are always some people who like to write something in life , I don't know why , Just like to use words to tell your heart , Leave something .

I'm one of those people , In high school, I wrote every day , So that I left two thick Diaries .

However, the two notebooks only carry the past events before senior three , The later time gave up , Even when I was thirty, I didn't seriously think about writing .

We were vulnerable at that time , A failed exam will make you doubt your life , An unintentional act of secretly falling in love with a boy will make you lose for a long time , A teacher's word will make you give up your faith ……

I thought I would keep writing , However, once I kept a diary during recess , My Chinese teacher said to me “ A diary writer , Is the most unpromising person .

I don't know. More than ten years have passed , Will the teacher remember me , But I will never forget the teacher's cold expression . I don't understand , Why did the teacher hurt me with such words , Maybe it's really a mistake for me to write .

after that , I never wrote again . But sometimes there is a desire to write .

The years when I worked after college , There is some boring time after work , There's always an impulse to write a novel . But there is no previous belief , There is no mentality of writing well .

Every time I pick up the pen , Think of the teacher's words and expression , I am no longer in the mood to write . It seems that writing is really useless , Writing is really worthless .

More than ten years have passed , And today's era , We-Media 、 Short video on the continuous development of these freelances , Telling me again : You don't have any writing skills , It really can't .

2016 The official account numbers in 2008 allowed people who love to make friends circle to have room for writing. , Became the official account of the public. , A successful article can lie flat for a month ;2019 The year is really tiktok. , Let many people who can create taste the sweetness , A short video at home made us work outside for several days .

Whenever I pay attention to some official account numbers. , Some microblogs , Some we media accounts , Many of their materials come from some manuscripts and writing , I find that some people earn more than themselves for their part-time writing , Someone runs a WeChat official account and can enter the month. 5 digit .

There is a popular saying on the Internet : People who can shoot jokes may not be able to write good articles , But people who can write articles will make excellent works . In today's era of self media freelancing, everyone yearns for it , Can write good works , It's an advantage that you can survive in your freelance career .

2019 In, I also began to publish my short video on today's headlines , But I found my work worthless ,2021 I started writing again in , I find that writing is really not worthless .

Even if amateur writing can't bring me profits in the short term , But what it taught me was priceless .

I learned to read , Learned self-discipline , Learned to keep learning , Learned to let yourself slowly add value , Learn to make yourself strong after work , Make yourself confident .

I no longer worry about losing my job and becoming a person eliminated by the society .

2 I left my job a month ago , I told mom :“ I'll write to make money ”. Mother gave me a look of contempt , Then he said with disdain :" How much money can you earn ".

Last week I cashed out what I earned by writing on the headlines 100 A dollar wage , Said excitedly to my sister :“ The elder sister , I made money writing , Would you like to try it, too ?” My sister said something very carelessly : It's too short , Writing is not worth money .

Mother and sister have the same attitude as my original teacher , Cold and disappointing . But now I have my own thoughts , As long as I think it's worth it , I won't lose my faith again .

teacher , Thank you for that , Let me miss more than ten years . I was immature at that time , There are many things I don't understand . But now I'm an adult , I can see what I want , No one can break my heart .

I finally developed in the direction I wanted , Whether writing is promising or not in the eyes of others . I believe I like it 、 What comes from the heart is the most important , Life is too short to care what others think .

2021 Written in 2 Months time , Let me have a complete change , I'm no longer the one who can't find a job , No longer the one without a sense of security .

Writing finally gave me a return , Let me see hope again on this road . The days ahead , I'll write more distracted , To realize your value , Find your way out .

teacher , Thank you for letting me miss more than ten years , But it still didn't affect my life , I still went back to me who loved writing . Writing , It's not unpromising .

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