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A letter to myself ten years later

2021-08-31 16:06:21 Life journey

Dear myself :

Zhan Xinjia !

You are now , Forty two years old .

Maybe you have a satisfied family , Gave birth to a lovely baby , He or she is already in the first grade of primary school .

Maybe you have realized your dream of fiction , Maybe you didn't .

however , You won't be depressed ,、 Fall into the darkness of life ? Maybe , You will be .

But I want you to , Don't keep it dark , Even in the middle-aged crisis, we should still be bold and brave , Even in her forties, she still feels like a girl .

Maybe , You are a hot mother ; Maybe , You are a workaholic ; Maybe , You are a novelist with a little reputation ……

There are infinite possibilities in the future , I think whatever it is , Are full of hope and expectation !

I hope you , Forty two year old you , I like myself , Love what you love , Full of longing , Walk the line ……

Love you , At the age of 32


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