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My husband finally came back from a business trip , My daughter has a fever again , I stayed up for a few nights, but it's good . Wait for your daughter to sleep at night , I want to compensate my husband for living in a world of two , Just take out the red wine and go to him . Just opened the guest bedroom door , I found my husband solving it by himself “ demand ”, I was stunned , Keep quiet , Run back to the master bedroom .

I married my husband 4 year , children 2 year . We all this year 32 year , He is an engineer , I'm a company executive . Because I'm a junior high school classmate , So I know them all 20 Years. , I've been in love 7 year . Logically speaking , We know our roots , You should know each other very well , But I always feel that I don't know him .

When we are in love, we are long-distance , He is humorous and easy-going , I'm careless , The occasional quarrel soon passed under his gag , And every time he lost his temper, he bowed his head and admitted his mistake , When in love, I think he loves me , I don't think he did it because he wanted to save trouble .

Later, my husband often went on business , You can only stay at home for a few days a month , Busy, not even a phone call for a few days . After having a daughter , To take care of her , My husband and I slept in separate rooms . We used to talk occasionally , Now he comes home to play games in the guest bedroom 、 Watching movies late into the night , Even the frequency of intimacy between husband and wife is getting less and less , Sometimes only once a month . Recently, I found that the relationship between my father-in-law and my mother-in-law is like this , They are rarely in the same room at home , Watch your own TV programs , There is little verbal communication .

teacher , Now he doesn't even need me for the most basic couple life , I'm really afraid that my future marriage with my husband will be as cold as my father-in-law's . Now if it wasn't for my daughter , I don't think we have any common topic . I really want to change my relationship with my husband , But I don't know what to do , Second uncle , Can you help me ?

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