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All the waiters in this restaurant are "flight attendants", with high-end customization, delicious food and beautiful scenery

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Xiamen is really getting more and more high-end , Maybe you've heard of the yacht club , But have you ever heard of helicopters , Let's open our eyes when we get in , Come to Xiamen Jinwan to see this unique high-end helicopter leisure club in Xiamen , Pilotage ! Tell you in secret , The waiters here are all dressed in “ Stewardess uniform ”, Very beautiful !

Xiamen Jinwan heliport is located in the easternmost part of Xiamen Island , The place across the sea is Jinmen County, Fujian Province, China , Yes, of course , Today I brought you here not just to see Kinmen , But to bring you to experience and navigate this high-end club , So what's interesting, delicious and good-looking here ?

As the biggest feature here , Of course, helicopters are necessary , Of course, a helicopter ride costs a lot , Just let me see , Of course I can't stop you if you want to sit !

In addition to the great attraction to everyone here, but there are also some distant helicopters , The most attractive thing is the beautiful beach outside the club . Overlooking from the clubhouse upstairs , Not far away is the big and small golden gate island , Westward declines the sun , The sunset is beginning to rise , The whole sky and sea are really beautiful ! Of course, although I can't afford a helicopter , But it's OK to have a big meal here , After all, a big table of delicious food was prepared for us today !

Pilotage · Midsummer press conference , It brought us a wonderful gourmet trip . The most amazing thing for me is to cross the sea , It's coming by air from Spain. It's very different “ The thigh ” 了 , Yes , The most famous Iberian black pig ham in the world ! Such a big one , It makes my mouth water ! Beautiful chef on site “ surgery ”, a meal “ the glint and flash of cold steel ” Just cut the meat in the ham into thin pieces , Crystal clear , The smell is tempting !

Iberian black haired pig is now cut into ham slices , It is said that the salt content is 7% about , It's just the right salinity for direct entry . In addition to the beautiful red and white texture and high appearance value , It tastes thin and tender, full of fragrance , Can be with caviar 、 pickled cucumbers 、 lettuce 、 Bread and other collocations form a variety of snacks , It's really delicious ! It's really a treasure 48 Months of ham , fantastic !

What kind of experience is it to enjoy an exclusive package in the luxury dining box of the pilot ? Come with me ! By the way, I'll show you super beautiful “ Stewardess uniform ” The waiter , It's really nice !

The delicious taste of the pilot is not only ham from afar , Lobsters and crabs in Hong Kong are also necessary . Longteng sihaiying lobster , Pick out the lobster meat directly , Make meals of different flavors and styles , Take it directly and eat it , Convenient and delicious ! Steamed eight treasure rice with red Charybdis , It's a practice especially in Southern Fujian , Oil rice is soft and waxy , Fragrance and freshness are integrated , Jue Jue Zi !

Oil vinegar Australian belt with black vinegar caviar , That's fresh ! And burning sea urchins , It's amazing. There's wood and ! The sea urchin baked with auspicious flame will be served directly , Fresh and delicious , It's delicious ! Steamed large yellow croaker , It looks full , Fresh, tender, smooth , The entrance is salty !

Except seafood , All kinds of hot dishes are also necessary . Baked shark lips with garlic truffle , Fresh and crisp , It's worth a try . Snow beef with rattan pepper , Bright colors , It's nice and delicious . Golden crispy elbow , Tender in crisp outside , Collagen is full . Asparagus, flowers, fresh abalone, meat and vegetables , Fresh and delicious .

There are so many delicious things in his family , Except for all kinds of seafood 、 Hot Dishes 、 Besides cold dishes , There's a single hotpot ! Oh, my God ! Bring the meat to the table one by one , Meat... Meat , It's amazing ! Except for all kinds of beef 、 Fish 、 Stabbing , Without all kinds of mushrooms , This early autumn , A mushroom soup is also good , Fresh, sweet and nourishing . It is worth mentioning that his hotpot meat dishes are served chilled , The shape is really good !

The pilot will certainly not just eat , From delicious food to noodles , There are more things you didn't expect . Beautiful and quiet garden environment , The waves, the beach, the breeze , The indoor swimming pool is clean and comfortable , And you can release yourself KTV Box , Elegant tea room space for drinking tea with friends , And an unexpected indoor golf practice room . In addition to indoor recreation , There is also the helicopter experience and yacht experience mentioned outdoors , You can also sail on the sea , The go kart drifted on the road , There is also an exciting shooting experience and a hot-air balloon flying in the sky !

Of course, the most basic , Some eat , There must be some living , The huge guest room space can definitely meet your imagination ! Pushing the door out is the courtyard with birds and flowers , Further out is the white and clean beach and sea , It's exciting to think about it !

Xiamen pilot helicopter hotel is fully equipped , Eat, drink and have fun . Early in the morning , Stroll through the seaside garden , Feel the green and fresh morning , With the refreshing sea breeze , Overlooking the sunrise on the sea 、 Watch the sunrise and render the gorgeous sky ; In the afternoon , Enjoy the indoor constant temperature swimming pool with glass natural lighting on the top under the blue sky , Let the body and mind be fully released again ; At night , About three or five friends , Enjoy yourself KTV Video room Carnival , End this happy day with laughter and singing ....... This kind of life is beautiful ! Is it exciting ? Make a reservation !

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