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2021-08-31 16:42:01 Photography

It's raining hard , Flapping the heat wave , It made a terrible sound on the roof . The terrible rain , It's heart wrenching .

After the thunder , That is, the continuous sound of snow goes away . thunder 、 Sound of rain , Once again, I was curious about taking pictures for the first time this year , Make love , Take pictures of the rain , Leave a souvenir for yourself .

The rain is quiet , Gradually away , Reply to the continuation . But there is no stillness , Only take this situation as the excitement in your heart , One of the world's landscapes .

The early autumn rain in the south is not cool , Or turn the heat wave , Foggy , People who like rain , I think it's beautiful , People who are tired of rain , I feel depressed .

But rain is a beautiful scenery , The trees shake and drag , Flowers and plants spread their branches , Add a landscape to the whole nature 、 A fantasy 、 A sound of nature .

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