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2021-08-31 16:54:25 Life journey

Baby always cares about nothing .

Now she is reading in the living room , I write two lines in front of my desk , Each is at ease .

The window is open , The cool wind came in bursts , The coffee in the cup has bottomed out , The smell of coffee never dissipated , And it seems stronger than just now . Turn a page of the magazine , An article discusses Hemingway's “ The sea ” With Su Dongpo “ slope ”, Attracted me .“ water ” Character and “ soil ” The difference in character , I think about a person's growth experience and character ……

“ What did you do ?” Suddenly I heard the baby ask .

“ I ? What did you do ?” I was stunned .

“ What's wrong with this ?” It means something , I was at a loss . Or get up and go to the living room . The smoke in front of me short circuited my head , Suddenly think of the pot sitting on the fire , Corn cobs that have been heated many times . Ben wanted to heat up , Forget it at night , result ……

I rushed into the kitchen , It's already black smoke , I turn off the fire , Quickly open the windows and range hood , Only then discovered , The house is filled with thick smoke , The smell of burning has been sent to every corner by the wind .

And I'm , Obviously, it is located in a remote mountainous area .

I was shocked with sweat . I remember when my mother steamed bread when I was a child , Because the waiting time is long , She arranged other work , As a result, I got busy and forgot about things here , Often dry the pot , Don't worry about the hot hand , Bring the pot down and throw it on the ground , Then he began to lose his temper , They said that the family did not care about their own business , It's like she's alone , Our faces were blank , I feel a little wronged by this anger .

My face is full of depression , The baby sat on the sofa “ Gaga ” Smile :“ Not yet, thank me , I didn't intend to ask , It's really too strong . It seems that I'd better pay more attention to it in the future !”

I didn't say well :“ Um. , Thank you , Better than feeding a dog .”

“ Dogs bark, too , It smells terrible , Not yet .”

alas , I have to thank others , Otherwise it will be worse ! Don't concentrate , The consequences are serious .

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