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Intro1 New Song Trailer: take photos with water, Mika's abdominal muscles are obvious, and Liu Yu's performance is super strong

2021-08-31 17:11:39 Tencent Entertainment

title :INTO1 New Song Trailer : Take photos with water , Micah's abdominal muscles are obviously , Liu Yu is very expressive

Speaking of INTO1 This combination to , I think everyone is familiar with .

INTO1 It's an international men's team we rarely see , The men's group is supported by the goose factory , and INTO1 Every member of the team is excellent .

From first to eleventh , They all experienced a lot of hardships to grow up like this .

In recent days, ,INTO1 New songs of 《Wonderland Party》 Released a series of trailers , This trailer can say “ The cure system ” Extremely strong , Because this trailer was shot by the sea , Everyone's photos are taken with water , The scene was excellent .

Liu Zhang , Although Liu Zhang is the last one to make his debut in this regiment , But he himself is a very talented member .

Liu Zhang's rapper It's also very strong , This time in the picture , He's wearing white sleeveless T T-shirt , It looks lovely .

Zhou Keyu also wore white sleeveless T T-shirt , Take off half of your coat , The picture only shows half of his face , But the whole person is so handsome .

It can be seen from the soaked clothes , Zhou Keyu's abdominal muscles are obviously , It makes people like .

Yin Haoyu took photos directly in the water , And the eyes are very spoiled , Maybe imagine that the cameraman is the lover of his dream .

And Yin Haoyu only wore a White Sleeveless this time T T-shirt , The whole person looks great .

Zhang Jiayuan, who is always famous for being funny , This time I put on my coat , And the two buttons of the coat are not buttoned , The whole person feels very fashionable .

It gives people a cool feeling in summer , Zhang Jiayuan is actually a sweet looking boy , This group debut also enriched my experience .

Boyuan , As everyone's Boyuan , This time I wore a sleeveless sweater , Wearing a sleeveless sweater with the same hair color , Wet hair, full of abstinence .

Bo was far before his debut , Always on this road , Always stick to yourself and practice every day ,2021 In the summer , Boyuan finally made his debut , It also fulfilled one of my dreams .

Lin Mo did not wear glasses , Seems to be wearing contact lenses , He wore something similar to T T-shirt , The color is close to the color of sea water , This time, Lin Mo's overall shape is still very cool .

I don't know how the trailer performs ?

Gao Qingchen's picture is also a side face , It seems that everyone is playing sideface killing , The side face photo shows Gao Qingchen's jaw line perfectly , And this photo of Gao Qingchen , There seems to be something like lilushu .

Mika is half lying in the sea , The whole person enjoys the sea water very much .

and , Mika is lying , Wet clothes stick to the abdomen ,8 The abdominal muscles can be seen clearly .

Have to say , in the capacity of INTO1 Of “ Male model member ”, Its body management is really good , This abdominal muscle can't be practiced in a few years .

Li Wan , This time I also lay on my side in the water , His clothes are “ Neutral ”, Off-white T T-shirt , And a little tie .

Small balls look very cute .

Zando also has a strong sense of muscle , This muscle is inversely proportional to his own character , But it doesn't stop zando from gaining fans .

Zando this time in the New Song Trailer , Also showing half of his shoulders , The whole person looks very attractive .

Finally, I want to talk about Liu Yu , Although Liu Yu is not very tall , But every time in terms of expressiveness , Liu Yu is so nervous .

Liu Yu's clothes are different from any other , The long sleeved shirt with trumpet sleeves makes him more beautiful , And Liu Yu wears a white hat , It goes well with the seaside wind .

That's all INTO1 The first music after the group EP《 Eye of storm 》《Wonderland Party》 Notice , I don't know whose photos you like best ?

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