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You don't have to change every day

2021-08-31 17:42:06 Life journey

Carve Time

If writing is a job , Don't be too emotional , Block it , Then slowly dredge , There's always a return date . Let go of yourself or attract the attention of fans , It's another system .

Many times, they are not easy to separate when they are in parallel , Suddenly wake up all night , You'll feel a lot of pride , Some people will feel that it is not suitable at all .

It's all in a flash. The answer has a lot to do with your feelings .

So emotional can be cute , But it is not conducive to the progress of things .

If you don't exercise restraint , That is the eruption of emotion , Keep erupting , It's easy not to find yourself .

It's hard for me to see , Need to go through the mirror of the relationship , If you are alone for a long time , Books, film and television and events of concern , It is also the extension of self .

The subtle idea of not absolutely killing a certain level of self , See is done , Be gentle and compassionate to it .

Over time, you treat people like this .

Some people say that Nicholas Tse has now been smoothed , Be introverted and take it in , A lot of flavors come out more . At first, I really mind smoothing the word , In fact, there is no problem with the whole article .

The point of emotion is , I feel passive when I grind it flat , It's easy to be wronged . o , How fine it is . But that's it .

Not being controlled by emotion is active .

So is writing , Sometimes it's not about who compromises , Find a balance 、 Keep balancing .

The difficulty is to be able to keep the original appearance more and more , It's very hard. . As a fan many years ago , There are ancient Implications , My mother said , Once upon a time or I wouldn't like the word forbearance , Now they use .

I also feel my emotions , I don't think I don't like it, but there is no applicable place , Actually, really .

Think about it all , Said is right .

Don't complicate or generalize a lot of things , It will save much more effort .

Pay attention to when hidden emotions occur , How will it be relieved in the future , Some people brush plays , I eat melons .

There is a psychological mechanism behind it , Reduce anxiety, a buffer for a positive life .

Don't let the bad replace the bad , Let the good correct the bad . A better lift is generally good .

It's not a comparison , Correct the mistake as soon as you know it , set an example by personally taking part .

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