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Pay attention to small details, not affectation

2021-08-31 18:09:03 Life journey

Unknowingly, I'm in my thirties , Since I started working , Every day is sitting in the office , Just sit down 8 Hours , It's almost more than ten years after sitting .

I've been sitting for a long time , I always feel that my waist is dying . Especially in this period of time , When you sit down, you will feel low back pain .

People who have seen others sitting in the office will put a cushion at the waist behind their back , I always feel pretentious . It turns out that I have little experience , I don't like paying attention to small details , Hurt your body .

When I'm in my thirties , Just understand the things you didn't pay attention to before , Now they come to the door . Do not pay attention to protecting the waist , You'll have to , Not to the neck , You'll get cervical vertebrae , Don't pay attention to keeping warm , You'll end up cold ……

I ended up with the same person I used to think was hypocritical , Put a cushion behind yourself .

It turns out that a small cushion is really useful , At work , The waist can be supported on a cushion , Don't put too much force on your waist , It protects the lumbar spine .

I think , I won't ignore these little details in the future . Every act of affectation to oneself is to protect his body , Protect your health .

Every little detail worth noting , It's not hypocritical . After all, only to maintain a healthy state , To work better , Live on .

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